Breaking news Fulani Herdsman making love to their cow


Breaking news!!! Fulani herdsman with HIV positive making love to their cows to spread HIV virus!!!

Many Fulani’s herdsman with HIV positive are now having sex with their cow  in order to spread HIV virus all over the country, click here to watch the real video, be warned on how you consumed beef meat in your homes.

The secrete was revealed by a non Fulani man, according to him, he said that he was in the bush easing his self, according to him he said that he has been hearing about the rumors but he didn’t believe it until he saw it practically done in the bus where he was desifficating, the man by name Mr Okafor urged everybody in the country to be very conscious and be very carefully on how they use their hard earned money to buy death, he also said that everybody should mind how they eat beef meat and Suya. Please read and share on, Twitter and other social networks before it will be too late, please don’t waste a second to share this till it get to everybody.


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