In love with my mother in-law

           ( story )

In love with my mother in-law




 Episode 1.

I was seated outside my room and fell

into a very big thought.

ME: How can I cope been jobless. I’ve

spent 5years in the higher institution

and also spent one year in NYSC,

making it six years but yet no job. I’ve

supplied my CV to many companies but

none of them have call me.

Am now man enough to take care of

my mum since my dad is late but I

just don’t understand my life.

Am totally confused,

I don’t know what to do. I’ve even

searched for mini-job yet I still didn’t succeed.

End of the month is fast approaching

and I haven’t gather money for my

house fee. chai!! igwe, when will this end?

I promised myself that am not gonna bother my mum

Again about anything that concerns me.

** as I was still meditating,

my phone rang and it was my friend Val.

I ignored his call because I wasn’t in

the mood to answer call that moment.

He called me the second time and I

still ignored him.

Val was my roommate when we’re still

in the university.

He got a job after our service. He is

such a kind person that everybody can be

happy to be his friend but there is something

about him which I hate.

Val can give you any amount of fish

you wish to have but,

he can never teach you how to fish.

He’d invite me to his house and when

I want to go, he’d give me some cash to take care of myself.

He had told me to park in to his house

but am an independent someone so I


I stood up from where I was and went

inside my room.

I went to the bathroom and took my

bath. I wore my cloth

and went out to look for something to

cool my head off.

For some of you who has been judging

some men who takes alcohol when

they’re upset or have a huge problem

that they didn’t know how to go

about it.

We took alcohol in that situation

because it bring our emotion down.

I do likely took alcohol only when am

upset because it makes me to sleep,

then when I wake up,

I can be able to fine a solution to that

matter but if I didn’t,

I may do undo. Alcohol isnt a solution

to a problem but it makes us think

after and know how to tackle the

problem in an amicable way.

Am not talking about those that abuse


I drank one bottle of ompa (hero) and

I started feeling dizzy,

I went home and slept off.

I woke up around 4:30am.

I sat on my bed.

I thought for a while,

and then come in conclusion to join

some of this guys that are working in

a building site.

That day was Sunday so I did my

morning chores

like, tidying up my room and doing

some press up and other exercises

done inside the room.

I got prepared and went to church.

Thereafter, I

prepared my Sunday meal,

after eating ,I laid on the floor and

was playing game and in the same

time playing music.

As I was doing that,

I slept off and wake up by a knock on

my door.

I stood up and opened my door,

it was Val and his girl friend Yvonne.

I ushered them in. **

YVONNE :Igwe good afternoon.

ME : good afternoon my dear, you look

so beautiful today,

wow !!! I can see my friend Val is really

trying for where you’re.

VAL: **both of them laughed** igwe

you can never stop amusing me. why

are you not picking up your calls


ME: forgive me jareh, I wasn’t with my

phone when you called.

VAL: dress up, let’s go out.

**I entered inside and took my bath,

wore my cloth and we dashed out.

Val came with his car,

he told Yvonne to sit at the back and I

sat at the front.

we drove to one restaurant,

we all placed our orders and it was

brought to our table.

We started discussing,

I made them to laugh away their

sorrow with the way

am talking.

We were there till evening ,Val and

Yvonne were kissing each other so I

became jealous and I told Val that I’ll

be going home.

He told Yvonne that he want to drop

me in my house.

He dropped me at the junction and

drove back.

There was a lady that parked her car

beside the road and was trying to lose

the tyre,

I pitied her and went closer to her. **

ME : hello sister, good evening.

LADY:Evening, how may I help?

ME : am so sorry for interrupting you.

It seems you’ve a flat tyre….

LADY: yes,,,,,,, I couldn’t see any

vulcanizer around so I decided to do it


ME :Eyaa! so sorry for that. but you

Would’ve ask someone to help you and

do it instead of stressing yourself……

please stop stressing this your

beautiful skin with this spanner. **she


LADY: Can you help me and look for

any vulcanizer?

ME :don’t worry, give me the


she handed it to me.

I losed the tyre and changed it for her.

She thanked me.

“are you living around here? “she

asked. **

ME :yes.

LADY: I’m jummy by name……..

ME: And am Igwe.

JUMMY :Wow!!! nice meeting you..

ME :nice meeting you too. **she

brought out her handbag from the car

and gave me her card. **

JUMMY : call me when you’ve chance.

bye….. **she entered her car and

drove off**

Now igwe’s journey begins!!!


Episode 2.

I stood there and was looking at her as

She drove off.

I went home with a bit joy.

when I got home, i took my bath and

laid down on the bed.

Val call came in and I picked up. He

Asked me if I’ve gotten home and I told him


I asked him about Yvonne and he told

Me that she’ll sleep over in his house

I advised him to be very careful about

Her and he told me that nothing will

happen, infact that

Yvonne will be his future wife.

“bitter cola doesn’t sweet the way it

Sounds in the ear”I said to him.

We discussed a little and hanged up.

The next day, I woke up very early in the morning

and did some morning chores before I went to a

nearby building site to know if I can see

anything to do there,

even if it is to serve a bricklayer but

I couldn’t because

there are some people who came

before me. I went away,

as I was going on the road,

I fell into a big thought that made me

forgot myself

till one man tapped me from the back.

“com Mr man, u no go comot for road

abi u wan die’ he said.

I regain myself and fall beside the

road. The woman that was inside the car

horning for me to clear

from the road parked aside and came

down nd came to where i fell down and

helped me to stand.

some people were also around me,

some of them were scolding me for

blocking the road.

chai! nwoke n’ife!!!

The woman told them to leave me that

I didn’t block the road intentionally.

She took me to her car and asked me

my name and I told her.

she a asked me what the problem was,

that made me forgot myself on the road.

I decided not to

let her know my predicaments but she

persuaded me to let the cat out of the

bag, so I lied and told her I lost a contract.

She pited me with the way her face


She gave me #20000 and told me not

To worry at all ,

that I should take the things of the

world easy to avoid premature dead.

She gave me her card and told me to

Call her anytime I like.

I thanked her for the money and came

Down from her car,

so she drove off.

I got home that day feeling


At least, this money she gave me can serve me

well. Nwanne,

Owu nwee gi, iwota na 5naira bu

Nnukwu ego!!

Twoweeks later,

on Sunday, i decided to call that

woman and know how she is fairing.

I called her thrice but she didn t pick

I deleted her number from my phone


In the evening of that same day,

one number called me and I picked up


CALLER : Hello, this number called me

In the morning but I was busy then so I

Didn t pick ,

whats your name?

ME:I m igwe.

CALLER : igwe! the one I met the other day?

ME: **from her voice,

I found out she was that woman I

called in the morning ** yes

CALLER : I m so sorry my dear. How

Are you doing?

ME:I m doing fine ma.

MADAM : will you be less busy this

Coming Sunday? I want you to come over.

ME : There is no problem ma, I ll.

**Hanged up

I started wondering why she said that

I should come over.

Next Sunday,

after church I called her to

inform her about our appointment and

also asked her for address.

She sent it to me.

The venue address she sent to me was

a hotel far from my house.

I got prepared and enter taxi and went

To the hotel.

when I got there, I called her and she

told me to tell the receptionist to bring me

to room 9.

I entered inside and told the

receptionist to

take me to room 9.

The receptionist placed a call to her

And she approved .

The receptionist took me to the room

and went down


I knocked and she ushered me in with

a smile.

I was dumb because I didn t know why

She invited me to the hotel room

I sat down and looked at her.

I greeted her ,

she responded.

“I’m sorry to ask ma,

why did you invite me here instead of

your house? “i asked.

She stood up from the bed where she

sat down and came closer and sat on

my laps and lowered her hand on my

neck and equally rolled

a kiss on my lips.


Episode 3

I was amazed for the kiss.

MA: Don’t worry my dear. Tell me about

yourself, I mean your educational level and your


ME : **I didn’t just understand why she

invites me there for.

I decided not to answer her but on a

second thought,

she might of help to me so I cheered up

and felt at home** I’m a second child of

my parent, I’m a graduate ….

MA: a graduate?

ME: yes ma I am.

MA: ** she took a glanced look at me,

I guess she didn’t believe me with the way

she looked at me when I told her I’m a

graduate. ** Are you working now?

ME: no ma’am. I graduated last year but

ever since then

I haven’t secure a job.

MA: so sorry about that.

so what’re doing for now?

ME: nothing ma,

I do work in a building site at least to

feed myself,pay for house rent and


I’m really tired of this country.

After many years of suffering in the

school, Icame out only to be a bricklayer.

Government cant create job opportunities

for the youth.The rich becomes richer

while the poor becomes poorer.

MA: that is Nigeria for you and

you see my dear,

you don’t have to wait for the govt to

create job opportunity for you to make it.

Those that were employed,

they haven’t pay them their salary.

Schooling in Nigeria is not to get a job

but to enlighten you.

I was once a teacher when my husband

were still alive,

govt couldn’t pay us for 6months so

because of that, my husband told me to quit the work and

join him in his company.

I’ve no option than to resign.

Just calm down, I’ll help you out.

ME : **I became happy **thank you

Ma’am greaful ma.

MA: you’ re welcome. what about your

parent and your brothers?

ME: we’re only three boys in our family,

my father is late, my mother is a farmer

and my senior brother works in a welding

company while my junior brother is in school.

MA: so sorry for your father’s demise.

Igwe are you engaged?

ME: No ma am not engaged.

MA :I like you from the first day we met

and that’s the reason why I gave you my

card. you see ever since my husband died,

I was all alone…

ME: ** I cut in ** what of your children?

MA: I’ve only a girl, she is still in


so my dear, I need a young guy who can be by me,

who can give it to me when I need it.

ME: ** I pretended as if I didn’t know

what she mean ** I don’t understand ma.

MA: ** she came closer ** Igwe, I love

you and I want you to be mine and I

promise you, you’ll never regret it.

I’m going to employ you in my company

and equally make you a manager bcos I

see the potential in you

just say yes to me.

ME: what you’re requesting from me is

somehow hard.

Do you know am old enough to be your


MA: age doesn’t matter in this case but

what matters is love and sexual

satisfaction. ** she robbed my head and

was looking into my eyes.

“omo see this woman oo,

she wan start practicing love for this her

age? I said to myself. ** Igwe just say yes

to me and your life will change


ME: ** I’ve to think about it, I’ll get back

to you soon.

MA: common, stop behaving childish

** no matter how old a woman may be,

they still know how to seduce a man,

if you doubt me,

check any old woman around you.

she held me to herself,

before I could know what was going, I

pushed her to the bed by then my d–k

was already hard and ready to mingle.

To be continue.


Episode 4.

she was putting on skirt and a button

shirt. she relaxed herself on the hotel

bed. she laid with her face on the bed and her

buttock facing me.

I decided to romance her a little before

f—–g her.

I lowered my hand to her skirt and

tackled the buttom

i unbuttoned her skirt and was pulling it

gradually. chai! I swear the woman gettam wella.

Her bum was as fresh and smooth as that

of a new born baby, she is yellow in


she wore a g-string pant.

see this woman ooo, she dey form area

mama abi, I go tear this ur yash today.

I pulled her shirt without hesitating,

she was left with bra and pant as she laid

on the bed. I stripped my self naked, my d–k was

busy nodding like a lizard that fell from

the tree. I climbed on her back to

solve the bedmatics.

I started massaging her,

she was lost in emotion.

I did that for some minutes and pushed

her to face me.

Her eyes was closed and she was moaning

with a romantic tone.

I removed her bra and pant and she was

fully naked.

She was old but inside her, she is still

fresh and young.

I continued with the romance and she was

giving me the tone I needed.

I couldn’t hold myself anymore,

I got her legs separated for full


As I was about to slide in,

she opened her eyes.

“are you with a protection? “she asked.

I replied her no. she told me to get her

hand bag for her and I did.

She opened it and brought out condom

and gave to me.

I tore it and wore.

I inserted my d–k inside her,

she shook her waist.

Her k–ttycat was tight but not like that I

started pushing in and out of her.

‘o yee, give it to meeeeee!

I really missed it for so many

yeaaaaaaaars! she moaned.

she dug her fingers inside my body but it

wasn’t paining me then.

I was going in and out of her faster and

faster without minding she was old

enough to be my mother.

I f—-d her till she c-m and I also c-m

inside the CD but my d–k was inside her.

I laid on top of her till my c-m finished.

I withdraw my d–k from her.

I entered the toilet and deposited it there

and flushed it.

I poured my d–k water and went back to

the bed, she was already sleeping ,I laid beside her

because I was so tired and dizzy.

I slept off and woke up by a tap on my


MA:you’re really a tiger, I must confess.

**I laughed ** I was carried away when

you were tearing me apart. your gf must

be lucky.

ME : you’re funny.

MA: you made me feel like a real woman

now, for many years, I’ve been starved of this,

how I wish am still young,

I can never leave you

**as she was saying all these,

I was blushing,

I checked my time and it was 8pm.

If jerked up immediately and wore my

cloth. **

ME: I’ll be on my way now…

MA:can’t we spend our night here?

ME : no ma’am, you see,

I wasn’t prepare for this

maybe next time.

**her phone rang,

she picked up.

After she finished answering her call, she

gave me money, she also gave me her

company address **

MA: come to my office on Wednesday for

the job I promised to give you.

ME:**I excitedly hugged and kissed her**

thank you so much. I’ll be going, are you

sleeping over here?

MA:I wanted to but that call I received

was my daughter,

she just came back from school. so I

need to go and see her.

ME: ok ma’am. bye.

** I left the hotel room and went

downstairs, the receptionist called me. **

RECEPTIONIST : sir please have a seat.

ME: ** confused **why?

RECEPTIONIST :sir, don’t be offended,

We’re doing our job.

I was calling the woman You were inside

the room with but she’s not picking up,

we want to confirm If everything is ok

before you go ** I was surprised,

she(receptionist) placed a call to the


She called her again and she still didn’t

pick up.

My heart started bitting faster.

Ooka m si-je



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