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lolz what a mess on my face.

 Can’t stop laughing

Today I was coming back from

church, in the bus

there sat a very pretty girl. All the

guys in the bus were

staring at her. Many of them passed

their destination

without knowing, I sat next to

her,actually. I did

all the signs I

could to make her feel my presence

but all in vain. An

idea came to my mind. I took my

phone and faked a call:

Me: Hello Mum,u see what i’m

saying? I’m sick of British Airways! I

told u this before! They’ve just

cancelled my flight to the US. This is

why i prefer Royal Dutch Airlines.

Above all,could u believe i’m in a

public vehicle? On my way back

from the Airline office,my 2016

Leather Roofer Wrangler got bad.

Before i left home,Dad planned

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