lolz what a mess on my face.

 Can’t stop laughing

Today I was coming back from

church, in the bus

there sat a very pretty girl. All the

guys in the bus were

staring at her. Many of them passed

their destination

without knowing, I sat next to

her,actually. I did

all the signs I

could to make her feel my presence

but all in vain. An

idea came to my mind. I took my

phone and faked a call:

Me: Hello Mum,u see what i’m

saying? I’m sick of British Airways! I

told u this before! They’ve just

cancelled my flight to the US. This is

why i prefer Royal Dutch Airlines.

Above all,could u believe i’m in a

public vehicle? On my way back

from the Airline office,my 2016

Leather Roofer Wrangler got bad.

Before i left home,Dad planned

using the Bentley Continental,and i

guess also that u would’ve been out

with ur 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE

  1. Pls ask the driver to rush down

here with

the 2017 Cabriolet Range Evogue

and pick

me up. Don’t worry, mum…,OK…,i

will…,i will…,thank u,mum…! Love u


All this

while the girl

was looking at me, I said in my

heart that

she will fall for

me if I talk to her …

Me: Hi baby, y r u looking at me like

that? R u surprise?

Girl: Pls collect ur phone battery. it

fell down when u

were removing it from your


Blood of Zachariah!!! I

couldn’t raise my head till I got

down from the car…. Don’t laugh alone!!..share d fun😂😂😂😂😂😂

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