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A young mother who was arrested in Anambra State after she dumped her new born baby inside a bush

‘I dumped my baby because my parents rejected his father’


A young lady whose parents refused the man who impregnated her from taking responsibility because of his background is now full of joy.

A young mother who was arrested in Anambra State after she dumped her new born baby inside a bush has confessed that she took the action after her parents rejected the man who got her pregnant from marrying her.

South East News reports that the lady, Chinwendu Njoku, was arrested by policemen attached to the Onitsha Area Command after she dumped her baby in a bush and abandoned it to die.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, CP Garba Baba Umar, while addressing journalists on the incident, said Njoku told him that the young man who got her pregnant was ready to marry her but was rejected by her parents because he was unemployed and did not come from a renown family.

It was gathered that the CP who was touched by the story of the young couple, did an unbelievable thing by giving them a huge sum of money to set up a business and take care of their child after counseling them.

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Aside from that, CP Umar was also said to have volunteered to take up the responsibility of the child as well as offer him a scholarship till he graduates from the university.

Read the press statement by the Anambra State Police Command on the incident:

‘The Command, on Wednesday, 2/8/17, at a lecture parade with the officers and men of Onitsha Area Command, the CP stumbled on the case of an abandoned baby recovered by the police after more than one week.

Sequel to intelligence reports, it was discovered that one Chinwendu Njoku who was pregnant was suddenly found not pregnant again. The police arrested and interrogated her only to discover that she was actually the lady that gave birth to the baby and dumped him in the bush.

Either by divine intervention or stroke of luck, the young man responsible for the pregnancy showed up at the Police Division.
The beautiful baby undergoing medical attention (South East News)

On interrogation by the CP personally, it was discovered that the young man indicated interest to marry the lady but her family turned him down because he was unemployed and does not have a ‘family name’.

On learning about this, CP Garba Baba Umar was depressed and shocked to the marrow. He wondered why somebody can take such rash decision while many are looking for the fruit of the womb for donkey years.

After counseling the duo and without hesitation, he offered a huge amount of money for the rehabilitation of the young man and lady. He said the man should use the cash to start up a business while the lady should acquire any skill of her choice to earn a living for the child and herself.

CP Umar also made provision for the care of the new born baby and announced an automatic scholarship for the baby while volunteering for his training too.

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The Commissioner of Police reunited the couple and handed over the baby to them. He also directed the DPO to keep an eye on the family and ensure that the money is used judiciously.

The beneficiaries were so stunned by the benevolence of the CP and shed tears of joy as they appreciated and prayed for him and his family.’

It is very rare for police officers to display such milk of human kindness and the efforts of CP Umar must be commended by all Nigerians.

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