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In love with my mother in-law Episode 5 to 7

          ( story )

In love with my mother in-law


Episode 5 to 7


Episode 5.

The security man said that I should

come with them to check on her inside

the room. We went upstairs,

when we got to the door,

the security man knocked but she

didn’t respond.

He knocked the second time and she

asked, who is that?

“i hope you’re ok”said the security to


“yes, I am, is there any problem?”she


“there’s no problem ma’am, Is just

that we called you but you weren’t

picking up so we decided to check on

you”he told her.

“I was in the bathroom then” she


We moved downstairs and they

apologized to me for taking much of

my time. They told me,

that one guy killed his gf inside their

hotel room and abandoned her there.

so because of that,

they’d confirm before someone leave

their hotel.

I accepted and left the hotel,

as I was waiting for a taxi that ll take

me home. Val called me.

VAL: where are you since morning.

ME : I went to visit one woman that

gave me an appointment…

VAL: **interrupted** a woman! who is


ME : I’ll explain when we see.

VAL: igwe Jane is here ooo.

**Jane is my gf but I don’t love her,

I asked her out with the influence of


I was drunk one night ,

I needed a girl that I’ll take home that

night bcos I was really high.

I couldn’t figure out what transpired

between us that night,

in the morning I saw a girl lying beside

me half naked in my bed.

so this how we became friends. **

ME : is she still there in your house now?

VAL: yes… she said she’s waiting for’you.

ME : why did you allow her to be

waiting for me in your house? I

thought I told you not to welcome her

in your house on my behave?

VAL: igwe I tried to convince her to go

but she insist that she must see you before going.

ME: see me! by this time,

this is 9:25pm.

VAL : igwe it seems she want to sleep

in your house bcos she’s not even

planning to go.

So what’ll I tell her.

ME: val you f–k up oooo. You’d have

call me on time so that I’ll plan on

how she’ll go.

VAL: it wasn’t my fault, I called you

thrice but it wasn’t reachable.

ME : ok…….. tell her, that am at home.

VAL: ok. igwe badoo!!! enjoy your night

with her jareh,

body no be fire wood.

** Hanged up.

After the call, I entered taxi and he

dropped me in my house.

I opened our gate and entered,

I saw Jane as she stood at my door,

immediately she saw me,

she ran to me and hugged me and as

well added it a kiss.

I opened my door and we marched in.

JANE: igwe I missed you so much.

where have you been,

I’ve waiting for you since afternoon?

ME : I went to a friends house.

she stood from where she was sitting

and climbed into of me,

she held my head and started kissing

  1. At a point, she paused.

“igwe am here for you,

I hope you’re prepared? “she said.

I go die today,

I don f–k the other woman finish,

now this one don com im own.

How I go take avoid this bae today???

I asked myself.


Episode 6.


“please Jane,

I’m not in the mood for this now, am

really tired and I need to rest”

I said.

JANE: is that what you mean, that I

should leave you?

ME : something like that.

** I pushed her aside and moved

inside the room.

I removed my cloth accept my


I tied my towel and entered inside the


I untied the towel and pulled my boxer


Jane entered with only pant and bra.

Immediately I saw her,

I used the towel and covered my


ME : Jane what are you looking for


JANE : igwe stop pretending as if you

Don’t know what am looking for?

ME: Please, just go we’ll talk about it

when I finish bathing.

**As I was still waiting for her to go


she moved in a little and hung her

hand on one strip of her bra and

removed it.

she also removed the other one and

now unhooked her bra and threw it on

the ground.

She also tackled her pant and pulled it


As she was doing this,

she was smiling and looking at me. **

JANE : igwe look at me and tell me you

Don’t like what you’re seeing.

Tell me,

if a real man can resist me after

seeing this.

ME: please, Jane stop this, I………

JANE: **she moved more closer to me,

and used her one finger and block my

mouth ** shhhhhhhh!!! Have your way

in me

** only a nakedness of a woman can

melt the heart of a warrior.

My d–k was fully erected and was

ready for action.

I drew her head closer to mind and

started kissing her lips roughly.

After some minutes, I pulled my

mouth down to her b–bs and start s–

king it so bad.

She was moaning as this was going on,

at a point, I couldn’t hold myself anymore.

I turned her back and she placed her

hand on the bathroom wall.

I pushed in from the back and started

pushing in and out of her.

I fired her for some minutes and

cummed inside her.

we got ourselves relaxed on the

bathroom floor.

we took our shower together and left

the bathroom.

I wore my boxer and climbed the bed

because I was so ashamed for going

against my will by sleeping with her.

She entered the bed too and gave me

a kiss but I didn’t respond. **

JANE: igwe what’s the problem? you

look so worried and unhappy for some

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