(BRA BOY Episode 1 to 4 )

Story (BRA BOY Episode 1 to 4 )

Episode 1

“Where are you nau?!” called out the fat
woman again from inside the changing
“I will be there in a moment ma!” followed
my reply, as I pulled shut the glass sliding
front door to my elder brother’s lingerie
shop! It was already past 9pm and from
what I could see around, virtually all shops
on the road had closed down for the day
despite the festivities. Unfortunately, I had
to delay a bit hoping this seemingly last
customer, will quickly purchase a wear and
leave; but she hadn’t and was still
endlessly needing my attention.
“And please bring me a larger mirror o, this
one can’t let me see a thing!” she suddenly
yelled again from the cubicle! Her English
was just too good for how she looked. A
common trait with the average Lagos
resident – you can never tell the learned
from how they appeared.
“Okay ma.” was my own reply as I finally
shut the door, leaving both of us locked in.
We were going to leave from the service
door behind anyways. After picking up the
larger mirror from where it was hung on a
high shelf, I began walking down the hall to
go meet the customer.
My brother, Chime’s shop was that big. It
was actually six shops collapsed into one!
The largest in the vicinity. He was so lucky
to have been told of the availability of all
six of them, and as soon as he got the
information, he quickly bought them up at
once! Talk of the average Ibo man’s
business acumen. And it paid off
handsomely! He became an instant rival to
all the lingerie shop owners along that road
and more like chased them out of business.
He soon became the only dealer of
brassieres, p@nties, undies and anything
female lingerie! And many customers came
from far and wide. His success was
unprecedented and soon he began doing
wonders back home at Onitsha, our
I was still there as at then, and it was just
after he bought his fifth landed property
that he asked me come over to Lagos to
join him. Not as a trader though, but to
come school. I was always the brilliant one
among us – we were three boys. And did
continue with academics. It wasn’t really
easy getting through Jamb initially, but I
was quite surprised even though fortunate
to eventually secure an admission finally at
Lagos State University. So this was how I
moved to Lagos for study, even though I
had to occasionally assist him at his shop,
where he now had over 8 sales girls and
This very day was one such days and I had
moved straight from lectures to come assist
in the trading for the day. It was a very
busy day, basically because of the Xmas
season, and despite his presence and mine
alongside the 8 additional sales persons,
we were continually overwhelmed by visiting
costumers! It was just overtly hectic and we
had to repeatedly ask some people to
momentarily wait outside.
That was how difficult it was for everyone.
Yet it continued that way until sometime
around 7pm, before we began having some
Chime dismissed the sales girls and boys
earlier than normal just to allow them
return home to rest. He also left me with
some instructions and drove off with his
car. He was obviously not done with the
day as he needed to go pick up some of his
wears that were moved to a nearby cloth
factory for a bit of stitching here and there
– they were shipped in with a few tears and
needed amending. As for me, I was to close
the shop by 9pm after attending to any
other costumers that may still call in. It was
just a few minutes to the said 9pm, when
this very lady costumer walked in.

Episode 2
f all my times and visits to my brother’s
shop, I had never seen or met her before.
She was evidently Ijaw given she was
making a call in her dialect when she
stepped in. She was very plump and a bit
obese. And about the same height as
myself; I am not exactly tall at 5’5″, so she
wasn’t tall. But she was beautiful.
Openly so, with well defined cheekbones
that gave her face a peculiar attraction to
it. This was so despite her looking early-
forty and with a lot of flesh. I also noticed
her hair was likely natural and the length
was only going to always surprise given it
comfortably reached her mid-back!
Anyways, it wasn’t until she entirely faced
me, that I got to know she had even more
about herself than I had seen! Her b0s0m
were in simple words, mouth-watering!
And they just sat on her chest like two
succulent large melons! They weren’t just
huge but equally broad and heavy-looking!
In fact, when I finally did let my eyes tear
away from the heaving mammarries to look
down her legs, I noticed that the outrageous
nature of her b—–s had also caused her
gown to climb higher up her thighs, than it
should normally do! Before she would walk
round the circular shelf just after the door,
and then approach me, I had already been
presented a glorious view of her legs, up
into her mid-thighs! They were all exposed,
unforgiving! However, what Id didn’t notice
still, was that she had her eyes on me as
well, and when I finally looked up, our eyes
met, before quickly looking our separate
She would eventually tell me she wanted to
shop for JJ-size brassieres! A size just a
few women only asked for. She was
undeniably busty and I found it hard
painting any perfect picture of how big she
was, under her gown!
Ordinarily, I have never been the one to
want to openly flirt with women, let alone
when the lady is one who was likely nearly
double my age; I was just 24. So as I
wished and fantasized about her with a
section of my head, I still remained focused
knowing she was my brother’s costumer,
thus dumping all the crazy fantasies to the
side! After helping her make some
selections, I pointed her to the changing
cubicle where she could try out the new
collection facing a mirror. She barely spent
a full minute in there though, before asking
me to come help her unhook a tough one so
that she can try it out too. And that I
should also get her a bigger mirror on my
way. I was on the doors already and needed
to close down for the evening. But as soon
as I was done with that, I began walking up
to the cubicle.
“I am still waiting bros.” called the woman
again for the umpteenth time! I was already
becoming peeved now.
Of course, I didn’t answer her again, as I
was just a few distance from the door. On
getting to it, I swung it open.
“Ehee…” she just begun saying on noticing
me, “Please help me unhook these two, they
seem too tight.” she was handing me the
said brassieres but goodness knows I had
no eye on what she was giving me because
I was totally blown away by something else
For right before me stood the woman, with
just her bra and p@nty on! The gown she
was wearing earlier on, was now hung over
a chair at the corner of the cubicle! The fact
that she behaved as though everything was
still in the most normal of states, was
equally just mindboggling!
“Did you hear me bros?” was her next
question, bringing me to tear my eyes away
from her glorious boobies which looked like
they would overflow the cups of her
admittedly undersized bra!
“Yea…yes ma” was my reply as I picked up
the brassieres and began unhooking them.
All the while, I ogled her beautiful body,
starting from her p@nty-covered butt0ckz
which was facing me now, down to her thick
fleshy thighs and then her legs! They were
so tempting, and I wished I could just grab
them with my itchy hands!
Unfortunately though, I was soon through
with the brassieres and had to leave after
giving them back to her. But then, the
images of the lady’s luscious b0s0m and
butt0ckz, wouldn’t leave my head, despite
walking out of the cubicle!

Episode 3
Even while I was seated at the cashier’s desk
a couple of minutes later, they still repeatedly
crossed my mind! Of course Chime has always
told me how some ladies loved to go
completely Unclad even if it was just a p@
ntyhose they were looking to try out, but this
was the first time I was experiencing it myself!
And it was already turning into a crazy night
for me! I didn’t even know I was spotting a
boner already until I shut her door behind me
and began walking up to the cashier’s desk!
As several thoughts of what the night could
likely turn out to be kept bombarding my
head, my modest 8inch J0yst!ck kept being
readjusted within my tight-fitting denim
trouser! Funny enough, it wasn’t even as
though I had seen anything outlandish. It was
just her bra-covered b0s0m and her p@nty-
covered butt0ckz. But yet, I couldn’t be at
A good indication of how much of a learner I
was in this clime! I had no girl I could call a
girlfriend, and the last time I tried keeping one
for myself, it turned out a major disaster!
Unlike your average guy, I have never had the
habit of seeing X-rated on phones or
They always looked a bit of a taboo for me.
So I was an absolute green-horn, in matters of
I wasn’t a virgin though, but I was worse than
most virgins who only sought for the
opportunity before they would gladly F**K
their way out of virginity! Anyways, while I
thought all these, a rather new side of
concerns began setting in when it begun
looking like the lady costumer was starting to
take more time than anticipated. After waiting
another 5 minutes, I had to stand and begin
walking towards the cubicle.
“Bra Boy?!!” was the sudden call I got from
inside the cubicle just about four steps into
my trek. She was the one calling.
“Did she just call me ‘Brassiere Boy’?” I asked
myself, feeling totally ridiculed by the name.
“Bra Boy?! Are you there?” she was absolutely
referring to me for real, quite surprisingly
“I’m coming madam” was my response doing
well to suppress the burgeoning anger I was
already feeling
When I got to the cubicle door, I swung it
open, but lo and behold, I was greeted with
yet another neck-breaker! My woman-
costumer was backing me and bent over the
chair at the corner – probably in an attempt
to sort the brassieres that were piled on there
(she was now putting on one of ours) – and
this brought her huge p@nty-covered
butt0ckz right in my face! Given she was bent
over, the butt0ckz looked much more rounder
and bulkier! And her butt0ckz cheeks
seductively ‘overflowed’ from under the p@nty
straps! The view was just awesome and was
good enough to melt all my earlier anger
away! And it brought me instant hard-on
before I knew it! She began speaking on
noticing my presence.
“Ehee… please I’ve been trying to test this very
bra…” she was standing back erect now, “…but
it is looking undersize even though the label
says its double-J.” She suddenly turned to
face me, thus nearly knocking me off my perch
with her outrageous looking mammaries! They
now looked even more colossal because of the
admittedly undersized brassiere! The piece of
clothe barely accommodated his areolas, let
alone the swell of her fabulous b0s0m! In fact,
her Tips were only just kept in-place by the
rings of the bra-cups!
“Ehmm…ok ma. But…ehh…” I just couldn’t get
words out of my mouth all of a sudden as my
apparently widened eyes remained fixed on the
large shooters before me! “But…can..can’t
you…can’t you pick another one?” I finally
managed to complete
“Oh…I really like this one. Mostly because of
these lacey groves” she ran a finger along
some of the fancy lacey grooves that adorned
the appreciably beautiful brassiere
“Oh…” I still preferred looking at the tip were
her finger seemed to be forcing a Tip into a
hide-and-seek game with the cup of the bra! I
was so freaking hard now and just about then,
she found out!

Episode 4
“Or do you guys have another one like this
that is a bit larger?” she began to say
again, and when I looked up at her face,
found out she had her eyes solely fixed on
the front of my trousers! She was certainly
surprised to see I was spotting a firm
erection out of the blue.
“Not…really ma” I managed to say after
swallowing hard. I could even feel the beads
of perspiration appearing on my forehead
“Oh dear. Then please help me fit in this
I can’t afford not to buy it” she was already
partly backing me again and facing the
Did I just hear ‘help me fit in’? My J0yst!ck
markedly twitched in response! “I…did you…I
mean, what did-you-say ma?” I heard my
terrible nervous mouth ask. I was openly
“Help me fit in the bra. If my b—–s can fit
into it, then I am buying it.” she pressed
down her succulent boobies as she
mentioned ‘my b—–s can fit into it’.
Meanwhile I was wondering how I was
supposed to make an obviously undersized
brassiere contain all those b—–s I was
seeing. But then, given this is was just few
days to Xmas, and the price tag on the
brassier we were talking about there was
quite tangible, then I had little alternatives.
“Ok ma…” followed my response even
though I still didn’t know where to start
After getting myself to stand directly behind
her, I began fiddling with the hook behind. I
still can’t explain how she even managed to
get the thing hooked-in in the first place.
But then, I was only getting started when
she began complaining all of a sudden.
“There is nothing to do there boy. Please
bring your hand to the front.” she said a bit
rashly while nudging back a bit and thus
pressing into my hard J0yst!ck with her
large bum unknowingly! I practically
jumped! “Try to get the sides in first. If they
can get in, then it will make it easier for
I swallowed hard and only managed to nod
my head. When I looked up to the mirror in
front of us, I met her reflection looking at
the floor.
Meanwhile, my hands were now coming
around to her front and how ridiculous we
both looked in the mirror with my arms
almost totally disappearing under the sides
of her magnificent b0s0m! She had nudged
herself a bit forward, giving my erection a
bit of respite.
Barely a second later, she got a phone call.
Her phone was already on the dresser in
front of us and the mirror so she just
stretched an arm to pick it up thus forcing
my hand further into her bustline!
I licked my lips at once. Sniffing hard and
praying the plenty beads of perspiration in
my face do not trickle into my eyes. I was
stuck like F**K, literarily. And I could
comfortably hear My heart pounding so so
loudly! I still was fidgeting, and her strong
admittedly intoxicating cologne was in itself
driving me crazier! As she spoke in her
dialect, waving an arm here and there, I was
perched to her back like some kid would her
mum! It was just awkward if not ridiculous
how we looked in the mirror! Consequently,
just after she dropped her phone and tried
leaning up again, her butt inevitably
pressed into my hard-on for yet a second
time! And of course, I jerked once again!
“You no dey push the thing in again?” she
asked in mixed Pidgin.
“I…I..am doing…it…” I could barely even
breathe as I struggled to move my erection
away from her backside as much as I could.
It was even quite hard to tell if she hasn’t
been feeling all the hard prodding from my
J0yst!ck given she barely reacted on each
I had now grabbed the side of her left boob
and began attempting to get it into the left
cup of the bra. And she responded by
slightly lifting her arm, to give me more

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