In love with my mother in-law Episode 8 to 10


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In love with my mother in-law



Episode 8.

We pretended as if we didn’t know
each other. He moved to the table of
Lady Pat.
VAL: good morning ma’am. you called
MRS PAT: yes, I did. Have you prepared
the delivery note I told you last week
that it should be ready today?
VAL: yes ma’am. Should I bring it now?
MRS PAT: yes you can but before then,
** she pointed at me** here is Mr
Igwe and Igwe here is Valentine,
my secretary. ** I looked at him and
he also looked at me. we shook hands
ME: nice meeting you….
VAL: nice meeting you too.
MRS PAT : igwe will be working with
you to assist you because I know your
position in this company is not easy.
I hope you got what I said?
VAL: yes ma’am.
MRS PAT: He’ll start work tomorrow but
before then,
take him to your office and show him
one or two things before he will go.
VAL: OK ma’am. ** Val. turns to me **
Let’s go to my office.
ME: ok. ** turns to Mrs pat ** thank
you ma’am
MRS PAT: you’re welcome my dear. Val
tell the receptionist to see me now
VAL: ok ma’am.
** We left her office to Val office. He
sat down and I sat down also without
waiting for him to tell me that.
He called the receptionist on phone
and told her that their Madam want to
see her.
He dropped the call and was looking at
ME: val why you dey look at me like
this now?
VAL: Igwe wetin carry you come here?
ME: na hunger now…… you should be
happy that I secured a job in the same
place you’re working and also in the
same office.
VAL: I’m happy for you just that am
amazed when I saw you in the madam
Igwe is she the one you told me about
that gave you an appointment in the
ME: yes.
VAL: Tell me what happened when you
got there?
ME: This is time for work not for
gossip, I’ll tell you later.
so tell me about this company and madam too.
dealers on all kinds of animal feed and
others like buying of shares.
ME: she have already explained what
this company specialised on.
** After some minutes with Val in his
office,I left his office to Mrs Pat’s
She said Ishould go and come to work
the next day.
she gave me #2000 and I left her
office but gave her a hug as she
demanded before I left.
I decided not to go back to Val office
to avoid suspect.
I left the company with over joy
pumping in my heart that day.
When I got to my house, I saw Jane
waiting for me outside.
I moved to my doorstep without
talking to her,
I unlocked my door and she tried to
enter and I pushed her away. **
ME: This should be the last time I’ll
ever see you around my house,
I’ve nothing to do with you.
** I couldn’t even allow her to say
anything and I entered inside my
room and shoot the door.
I prepared food that afternoon,
after eating,
I laid down and slept off.
I woke up by 8:pm and rain were
I went outside to check if there is
anything I left outside.
when I opened the door, I saw Jane
where rain have drenched on her
body, I pitied her, I took her inside.

Episode 9.

when we got inside,
Igave her my Polo and boxer to
change her cloth because she was
already wet.
She entered inside the bathroom while
I seated in my parlour.
I was wondering, the reason why she
refused to go.
some minutes later,
she came to the parlour and sat
opposite me.
ME:I know you must be hungry, go to
the kitchen,
there’s some food I left in the pot,
you can eat it.
**she left to the kitchen and entered
with the food and added it two spoons.
She dropped the food on the table
beside me**
JANE: let’s eat together.
ME: I’m not hungry.
JANE: You’re not hungry or you didn’t
want to eat this food?
ME: yes I don’t want to eat rice again
JANE: what did you want to eat?
ME: Don’t worry, eat your food and I’ll
take care of myself.
Jane what happened,
why are you outside when rain
JANE : igwe you hurt my feelings this
ME: why wouldn’t I after you spitted
those words you spit to me on phone.
JANE: I’m so sorry for that, I didn’t
just know what came over me that
please forgive me, am so sorry for
ME: I’ve forgiven you already.
JANE: Are you sure?
ME: if I didn’t forgive you, I wouldn’t
have usher you in when you were
**She makes to kiss me and I
withdrew my face from hers. **
Jane I’ll appreciate If you’ll just forget
JANE: so you haven’t forgive me yet?
ME: I do but ………
JANE: ** interrupted ** but what? you
Don’t love me again?
ME: jane try and understand me. Eat
your food.
**she continue with her food.
I went to the kitchen and prepared tea
and drank.
As we were seated in the parlor,
I decided not to talk to her and she
When I want to sleep,
I went inside the bedroom and carried
one pillow .**
ME: if you want to sleep,
you can make use of the bed, I’ll sleep
JANE: I’ll also sleep here too.
** She went inside the bedroom and
came out with the one pillow also.
she laid beside me.
Throughout the night,
Jane was busy trying to seduce me but
glory be to God
that I didn’t fall for her.
I couldn’t believe that I’ll resist her
that night.
In the morning, I woke up very early
and got prepared to work.
Jane also got prepared and we ate
together, she asked me where am I
going to and
I told her that am going to work.
I entered taxi and went to work.
When I got there,
I saw the security and the company
cleaners as they were busy
tiding up everywhere.
I called Val to know if he’s already on
the road or still at home.
He told me that he is on the way
Soon he arrived and we marched in to
the office..
By 10am,
we received a call from our madam,
that I should come to her office
Val looked at me with a jealous eyes.
“why is she calling you?” Val said.
“I don’t know” I replied.
I left to her office,
on getting there………
Episode 10.

On getting to her office,she was
making call so I stood up and was
waiting for her.
After she finished making call, she said
that I should sit down and I sat.
ME: good morning ma’am?
LADY PAT: How’re you doing my dear?
ME: I’m doing OK.
LADY PAT: How was your night?
ME: it was cool and yours?
LADY PAT: I was sleepless last night
bcos cool was too much,
I just wish you were there.** i
laughed. ** what about Val, is he in
the office?
ME: yes ma’am.
LADY PAT: you’re welcome to our
company once again my dear.
You’ve to put all your effort to make
sure this company grow to be the
biggest in Nigeria not only in Nigeria
but in Africa.
ME: I’ll try my possible best to see to
LADY PAT: You can go. back to your
office but make sure you take
directives that’ll be giving to you by
if you have any problem with any of
the staff,’contact me first before any other
person else.
ME: I’ll. ma’am.
LADY PAT: you can. now go.
** “thank you ma’am ” I said.
as am about to go, she called me
back** give me a kiss before you go.
** I kissed her and left her office.
When I got to our office,
Val was looking at me.
He asked me,
why did our madam called me?
I told him that she only called me to
advice me and also gave me the hints
of this company.” and nothing again? ”he. asked.
“yes. ”I replied. **
VAL: Are you sure?
ME: ha! Val there is nothing more
VAL: eeeeh! what about this lipstick on
your mouth?
ME: lipstick kwa?
VAL: is obvious you kissed her.
ME: I didn’t kiss her.
VAL: Then where did you get it from if
it’s not from her mouth?
igwe be very careful,
to avoid had I know. Think about your
future, remember that some of our
mates are now landlords, married and
start taking the
responsibilities of a man.
Think twice and know that we’re no
more growing younger but older.
ME: I’m sorry for lying to you. I’ll tell
you all you need to know about our
madam and I
But not here. lets go back to work.
** After that day’s work, I went home
with Val.
work continues, till one Friday
Val and I attended one of our co-
workers birthday party in his house.
We went there with Yvonne, on
getting there,
the party was already on.
We rounded one table and we were
served food and wine.
We started eating and drinking.
Val and Yvonne started dancing while I
was seated down.
There was a lady seated lonely while
others were dancing so
I decided to approach her to know if
she can dance with me since
she was not dancing with anybody.
When I moved closer to her,
I found out,
she was Jummy(the lady I helped to
change her car tyre)
The journey begins…
so sorry for this short episode.

To be continue…….

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