What the mailman does with family’s dogs

What the mailman does with family’s dogs when they’re gone?

Aaron Hernandez, a Texas-based man who owns 5 adorable doggies, was recently looking at his CCTV when he spotted a mailman doing something quite unusual – taking time to pet each and every one of his pets.

“He’s a new mailman around the neighborhood and I noticed it a couple of times,” Hernandez said. “I thought it was time to share with everybody!”

The video, in which we see the tender moment between the busy mailman and Hernandez’s doggies, is going viral. “I think it was really caring and loving that he took time out of his busy day to do that,” Aaron Hernandez said.

If only each of us got to interact with dogs at work each day, the way this kind mailman does, the world would be a much better place.

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