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Thank Almighty God as you rise from your bed today


Thank Almighty God as you rise from your bed this Morning, being the first Sunday in the month of May,2017.

I pray that the land you walk on will produce blessings for you, throughout this month and beyond.

The sky above you, will release happiness over your life and that of your household,that ur enemies         will be forced to rejoice with you.

The breeze around you will blow peace and joy to you, your children,and extended family.

Every step you take this day and beyond, will bring fulfilment, that you will not know the end,

May He who raised heavens without pillars, and built the universe without bricks,will surely send   you helpers that will sustain you and your family now and forevermore in Jesus Name.

Good  afternoon , have a blessed Sunday, and a blessed fulfilled week ahead.

As you wake up this morning to continue living, A new Month and a new Thursday you have never lived in or experienced, a day and a month of thanksgiving, you will enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart, you will enter His courts with praise, you will say this is the day and the month that the Lord has made specially for you, you will rejoice for He will make you glad in everyday of this June. This is because it is a new day and a new month, watch out for new things the Lord has lined up for you.  Isaiah:18-25.   Philippians :6-7 a must read. I have discharged my duty(praying for you).June is a month of jubilee. You must have reasons to thank God. He that keeps you does not sleep. Only make Jesus Christ your only Friend.I sincerely LOVE YOU.



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