you are waking up into God’s mercy.

As you wake up this morning, you are waking up into God’s mercy.

                                                    Mercy means

1.Qualified judgment nullified 1cor 5:17.Every judgment passed against you from the kingdom of darkness legally is nullified in Jesus name.
2. Overlooking of errors. Luke 15.Every error of the past that you have made that brought you into bondage shall be corrected by His mercy in Jesus name Amen.
3. Willingness to help Matt 8:1-10.God shall raise willing helpers. God and men shall be willing to help you when the mercy of God locates you.
4. Qualifying your disqualification Colosians 1:12.Where you have been disqualified, the mercy of God will qualify you in Jesus name. Everything you ever need to be comfortable today and in this life has been fully paid for .That shall be delivered to you by His mercy.
Come to Jesus Christ and receive them. Happy new day.

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