Acts3:1- 10.(a must read )is a story about the a man who was born lame

Beautiful friday  Acts3:1- 10.(a must read )is a story about the a man who was born lame. His begging business was at a gate called beautiful. The beauty of the gate could not change his ugly pitiable situation until men who had the solution arrived. I announce to you unequivocally this evening, maybe the beauty of your physique, intelligence, exposure, connection, office, position, job, vision, environment, promises,education,economic prowess, etc, has not effected a change in your situation, and you have been limited at the gate of your blessings,men with the solution are coming your way. Prayer is the hand that moves the hand that moves the world. Looking at your situation magnifies it, but at Jesus moves it. In the name of Jesus Christ arise and walk into your desired blessings. Those who looked down on you will look up to you. You were unnoticed but will be noticed, people will ask and offer different questions and  answers, but it is still you. God will announce you to announce Him. Look unto Jesus the author of your life.I pray that that hopeless situation become hopeful. Jesus Christ is standing at your door of your heart, open for Him. Worry no more, welcome him more Now

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