Story (BRA BOY final Episodes 7 and 8)

Episode 7

She kisses very well! And she practically ate
me up! Her tongue swirled and twisted in my
mouth and she let her right hand rub up and
down my back as she did. When she managed
to pull away from my mouth, she instantly
replaced her lips with her left Tip! She
hurriedly shoved it into my mouth, and kept
forcing even her entire booby further in as
though she wanted me to sU-Ck all of it! I
choked and groaned, while she sighed
repeatedly while licking and kissing my cheek!
Meanwhile, I had already let a hand drop
between her legs where I was lucky to
seamlessly locate her rather damp crotch! She
had been dripping all along, and as soon as I
grabbed her perceptibly fat K!ttyC@t through
the material of the p@nty, she m0aned out
loudly, spreading her legs to give me room!
That was instant encourage of course, so I
went on to pull her p@nty to the side to reveal
a very fresh looking K!ttyC@t m—d with no
single strand of hair on it! It even glistened in
the light, of K!ttyC@t juice and when I ran a
finger along her slit, her body gyrated a bit,
while her K!ttyC@t blessed me with another
stream of fluids!
I had already switched to the other boob when
she began attempting to bring the tip of my
J0yst!ck on her slippery K!ttyC@t! All I had to
do was move forward a bit and contact was
made! And of course, it felt so good given she
began to rub my d!ckhead up and down her
It got our fluids to mix, with my pr£cuum
rubbing into her well moistened v—a! When
the manmeat massaged her stubby stiff cl!t,
she m0aned out loudly again, before rocking
her hip into my boner a few times! She was
aroused beyond words and I could even
literarily feel the fire on her very warm skin!
Her b0s0m had gone remarkably heavier while
her areolas had grown very puffy in all their
blackness! Needless to explain that her
rubbery Tips felt like one-inch sized erect
penises in the mouth! Their tips had shallow
groves that transferred tingles down her body
each time I let my tongue stroke them! I had
just squashed both b0s0m and began
attempting to push both of them into my
mouth at once, when my lady-costumer
unexpectedly guided my boner onto her
opening, and with just a gentle t—-t, got it
sliding into her K!ttyC@t! I groaned!
Predictably, it felt like heaven! Her meaty K!
ttyC@t was inexplicably wet and my hard
J0yst!ck glided through the cushion-like
feeling of her surprisingly tight corridors, all
the way to the balls, before sliding out again
to the tip!
That was the first full t—-t and we were still
both on our feet! How good was she! And as
we eventually began to F**K, she seemed to
make sure she equally t—-t herself to meet
every of mine halfway! It only took a couple of
minutes before our F**K would get feisty and
loud! As we smashed away, we soon resumed
our kissing again! And I never ceased to
aggressively fondle her large b—–s, causing
her to openly proclaim how wonderful I was
and how much of a fabulous job I was doing!
All while we b@nged away! We were literally
on fire and the sweat on our bodies had now
tripled! I groaned, m0aned, grunted and even
dirty-talked at some point as I kept being
pushed to the edge and back! I wasn’t giving
a F**K about her being my brother’s costumer
anymore! Nor cared about the whole thing
happening right in my brother’s lingerie shop!
I just didn’t just Bleeping bother, in the mood
I was in! In fact, when she suddenly turned
around to quickly bend over the chair beside
us, I needed no separate invitation before
approaching her to penetrate her again from
behind! When I reintroduced my J0yst!ck into
her K!ttyC@t, she practically wailed my name!
“Bra Boy!!!” she called!


Episode 8

I shut my eyes so tightly and held onto her
wide hip so firmly and began drilling her
sloppy K!ttyC@t doggy, with all the
strength I had got in me! “SUUUSH!!
SUUUSH!!!….” went the wet sound of her
mercilessly soaked c–t as I b@nged her
without pity! She was now screaming and
calling me all manner of sweet names! The
chair under us squeaked and rattled while
the cubicle echoed and reechoed the
screams, m0ans and the slapping sounds of
my pelvis against her flapping butt0ckz! I
couldn’t see her huge hooters but I already
imagined they were swinging so heavily but
undoubtedly magnificently! The e—-c
thought of how amazing a view they were
likely to be, only tempted me to stretch a
hand – with eyes still closed – to grab one!
And of course, it felt heavy as postulated
and my decision to begin squeezing it, only
caused my customer to yell even louder!
When I bent into her, by way of leverage,
she almost blew up, because my driving in
further into her K!ttyC@t drove her to
another level altogether, and she quickly
swung a hand behind to grab my butt0ckz
while asking me to pound her harder while
still remaining in that position! So I did! I
sq££zed and massaged her boob while
ferociously increasing my tempo until I
hardly could see my J0yst!ck on the mirror!
It was completely blurred out ! I was still in
the driving in and out of her in that furious
speed when she let out a loud wail, before
beginning to convulse so violently! Her
It took a good four seconds or so before the
o—-m will completely get through her
body, and even when it did, she still
occasionally jerked as smaller
reverberations hit her in quick succession! I
had equally felt up my own c—-x halfway
through hers and just as she was stepping
down from hers, mine kicked off!
I growled like some wild animal as spurt
after spurt of my semen began to shoot into
her K!ttyC@t! The hole was already full with
all sorts of fluids so there was barely any
room for mine! Expectedly, a good load
sipped out just as it poured in, leaving both
my crotch and her butt0ckz cheeks in
rather pleasant mess! By the time I would
completely Pour and pull away from her, the
floor under us had received a fair share of
my sticky thick goo!
“Please help me package the bra…” was the
woman’s sudden comment as she rose from
the chair she had bent over on, as though
nothing had happened, “…it’s already late.”
A quick glance at my watch said 11:17pm.
Couldn’t believe we had been together that
long already! Strange how she wasn’t even
saying anything about the s*x.
“And how much is it?” she was putting on
her gown; but without her bra! The way her
Tips F***ed the material of the clothe made
me want to grab them again!
I told her how much it was. Wished I could
give her without her paying, but for my
brother. She said nothing, but quickly pulled
some notes from the side pocket of the
gown – which I was only just noticing –
and began to count.
Meanwhile I had nicely packaged the new
bra and another two she equally picked and
returned to the cashier’s desk where I
waited for her. When she appeared, she
dropped the notes on the desk and on
counting it, found out she had dropped
nearly double of what was required.
“Keep the rest Bra boy…” she quickly
explained, giving me a brief smile, “I will be
back tomorrow or next for new ones. Same
I smiled to myself on hearing that, knowing
that no one buys new brassieres everyday.
I thanked her anyways, and quickly did the
rest that was required before handing her
her new purchase. I wished I could ask her
for her number but didn’t know how to and
since she didn’t bother to bring it up, I
chose to ignore it.
Ironically, it only took about three minutes
after she had left the shop before I would
hear Chime’s car horn. How he bothered
coming back again surprised me.
Thankfully, it was easy to explain to him
that I had a late costumer whose rather
annoying indecisions kept us up to that
I didn’t know how lucky I was though with
that blatant lie, until I met the said lady-
customer’s bra on the cubicle floor the next
morning!! Goodness knows what brother
would have thought about it! And you know
what? She returned the next afternoon for
it! And specifically asked for the Bra Boi…
who unfortunately was in class, at school!
***The End***

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