Don’t worry, you will soon rejoice

Isaiah 49:1-5………Then said I, I have Laboured in vain, I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain, yet surely, my judgement is with the Lord, and my work with my God. Hello, Glory be to God for the gift of life. Sleeping and waking is a miracle. No matter what your life or condition has forced you to say, like, ‘Why am I still alive, all my efforts, faithfulness to God, not living worldly life like others, paying my tithes, helping others, doing the best I know to do, all these are in vain, there is nothing to show for it. The worst is that those I helped pay me with evil, I can’t help anyone again’. Beloved, God is not unjust to forget all your good work done in His name. He is an accurate time keeper and a diligent rewarder.Hebrews11:6. The next help may unlock your help. Delay is not denial. By the virtue of His omniscience, He knows you and your work, both good and evil. Your total dependence on Him pays better. Don’t worry, you will soon rejoice. You will soon rejoice. You will soon rejoice. Have a nice day.

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