Walk Of Shame Episode 1 (Episodes 1 to 3)

Walk Of Shame Episode 1

Story by Aaron

Grace watched them talk , they sat at the round table in the university conference room. she is in the middle while a panel of six professors and the dean stared at her, her documents and files open before them.

“Grace micheals, you must understand why we called you here. We hope you would rethink your decision. You are one of our bright students. And it would be regrettable to lose you. You have great potential for a distinctive student and we would love to retain you here after your degree. You are something rare and rare finds should be kept close.”

Grace stared at the Dean, something about his glasses always sitting on his nose and the look on his face always wanted to make her laugh, but she bit her lower lip instead. She was tired, They have been at this for a week.

She had no choice. They were relocating and she was an only child. She goes where her mother goes. No arguments. This was their second move in two years. And she hopes this was their last.

“Are you sure there is nothing we can say or do to convince your mother to let you stay in Lagos and finish your education. ??” Her Sociology professor asked. He had grown quite fond of her. He said she reminded him of his daughter.

“Am sorry but this is what I and my mother want, she truly appreciates your support and care but we would love to have the transfer scripts So I can further my education in Port Harcourt ” Grace replied, she hoped they would sign it . She hated the move already but the longer they talked about it the annoying it got and the more nostalgic she would feel.

She watched as each of them stared at each other and with a sigh of resignation, authorized the transfer and signed it. Giving her a copy, taking one for themselves and one to be transferred with her transcripts to her new school.

“We wish you success in your future endeavours and we hope you soar high. We would email your transcripts to your new school so they are aware of your transfer. Have a good day Miss Grace Micheals. you are dismissed.”he shifted his glasses again .

Graced thanked them and excused herself. Closing the door faintly behind her. The breeze kissed her soft chicks while she sucked in and expelled air.

They were angry she was leaving? what about her? She was the one being tossed here and there, who should be more pained? She sighed shaking the thoughts out of her head.

She checked her time…and then began running. She needed to pack.

…….***The Next Day***…….

She stood beside her mother as they sang “amazing grace” before the close of early morning mass. Then the thunderous clapping which ushered in “The Lord’s prayer “. The service ended.

It was getting late. The drive to port harcourt was going to be long, but her mother liked to greet and meet and discuss things in the wrongest of times. She bit her lower lip as she waited for her. A habit she began as a child when she was nervous, uncomfortable or annoyed.

Her mother came outside , a smile breaking across her face. .

“Sorry my baby, Let’s go ”

“No worries mother, I hate to drag you away from your friends but We do have to get going and you know how I hate first days at school? And I don’t intend to look cranky too.” They got to their car, and the driver pulled away, heading into the street.

‘You are a transfer student from Lagos. You should be used to the school environs by now Darlyn, it doesn’t matter if you are relocating again. Anyhow I had to tell them goodbye. I trust you didn’t forget anything. its a long drive back to Lagos and I won’t be gracing the seat with you ” Her mother stared at her. those looks that grace felt was staring into her soul.

Grace shook her head,indicating a no. She brought out her laptop , glad she remembered to charge it during the night. She clicked on her wordpress app and then began typing on her writing pad… “Journeying into the heart of yet another crowded city..” she prided herself for being a gossip blogger, writing about celebrities life ,journeys and publishing her memories.

****The Next Day In Port Harcourt****

Victoria rolled off the bed , strolling to her window naked,stretching. Leaving the snoring figure behind .

It was 9: 15. She sighed. The hangover from the night before made her weigh a ton, she dragged herself lazily to the bathroom as she was in no hurry to get to class.

‘Better late than never ” she mused as she strolled back to bed, bathed and fully dressed, kicking the stranger awake.

‘Get out. Am heading to class’” . He rolled off the bed, as she helped him up, stacking his cloths to his chest and nudged him out the door with her..

‘Can I call you??”His smelled of alcohol and overnight breath, his eyes groggy from sleep and hangover.

“Argh hell no!!”

She turned her face away not to inhale his bad breath, pushing him out she locked her door and didn’t spare him a glance as she walked out of her apartment and into her car . Forgetting the dude immediately; One of the many faceless men she had and didn’t bother knowing their name. Her radio on full blast as Katy Perry ‘s “Roar” graced the streets. The drive from her residence to Abuja campus in Uniport was a 10 minutes drive. Her class was well under swing.

She strolled in as Mr Bamidele was lecturing on social inequality . Eyes followed her.

” Young lady, how dare you walk into my class by this time?? In-fact see me in my office after this class. Nonsense! !”

He scolded her and adjusted his glasses. Victoria nodded . A mischievous smile on her face . A sullen look of some of her course mates who pitied her, some who desired her, others who feared her and an equally mischievous glint of the eyes of the few who knew her.

“Sorry sir. Yes sir!”

She said as she grabbed her seat. Sandra and bunmi, her sidekicks hailed her silently . Then the class went quiet and lectures resumed. She knew he was all bark and no bite. Another rendezvous in his office would leave him drooling after her.

Their deal was simple. .” He gives her good grades and she caresses his libido’ . The rest was just for show.

……**** The Dean’s Office****….

Anthony waited for his father to be done with his meeting. He strolled into his office as he watched a group of people walk out.

“You wanted me pops??” He asked standing behind him. His desk separating both of them. Just the way they have lived their lives ever since his mother died.

“Yes yes!!” He turned placing a file on his desk.

“A new student is being transfered from lagos and she is already in the waiting area. Year three. As the student body president I need you to make sure she is properly orientated. As it’s your department ..so get to it.’”He dismissed him.

His father had always being a man of few words. He times everything to importance and priorities. He never mixed personal issues with business. Not even to ask how his dear son was doing. Money and fame wasn’t everything. what happened to love and care?? What happened to family??.

As his father had no time for words. He also had no patience for disturbance and unnecessities.

Anthony sighed. He wondered why his father had to disturb his alone time for this. He had no time for newbies too.

“Right” he lifts the documents Off the table without opening it and went to the reception area. He searched for her eyes until it rested on him.

“Sweetheart. . . Don’t you look breathtaking this morning ?” he strolled to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Her eyes followed his handsome face and then she blushed.

“Oh you naughty boy. What do you want now?” she vividly remembered what he looked and felt like a week ago when he took her to paradise and back.

“Well to greet you, plus Can you do me a favour?. I got this assignment am working on and pops wants to put me on a newbie ‘ s case. Please find another scapegoat. I am on my deadline already. Please ??”

He touched her hands tentatively. She smiled. He may be younger but he was a fine damn lover. And what his father didnt know wouldn’t hurt him. She was his secretary and that was it. But on one occasion, sometime last week Anthony had made her feel good. A pity it was a one time thing, he doesn’t date older women. But she was grateful. Her husband was a bore in the sack. A little fun albeit once was deeply cherished.

” Ok fine. Give me the documents and get going. I will handle it “. She laughed. He kissed her cheeks and left.

He wasnt about to pass up free drinks and a lady’s thighs just because his father said so. He was even skipping class. He got his father’s brains. Intelligence was in his blood. But a lady’s heat made him boil. He smirked and left.

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She walked to the waiting area..

“Grace Micheals ??? ” She watched as a pretty girl raised her head from her computer and got up. She was pretty. Too pretty.

” She might break a few hearts” she mused. The pretty girl with an innocent eyes walked towards her.

“Welcome to the University of Port Harcourt. Come, I will take you around and get you settled. Classes have already begun . Here are your documents and other necessary details you will need and rules and regulations .”

She walked ahead and urged the girl to follow.


“Everyone please make her feel at home”. Mr Bamidele urged his students as Grace was directed to his class by the Secretary, after he did the proper introductions.

Grace thanked him and walked inbetween students, a few guys offered her a seat close to them. A few girls welcomed her. And one stopped her from taking the seat infront of her.

“That seat is reserved…for the student body president!”

The girl said. Her makeup too heavy, her nails long and cloths too skimpy for a class.

Grace looked around, ” is he a ghost??” She whispered. Anything could be possible, she didn’t see nobody

“You will be if you seat on it”. the girl threatened. Grace ached a brow.. a girl tapped her.

“Come, newbie. Seat here” she pulled her down beside her, away from the girl who looked ready to pick a fight over an empty chair.

” ignore the banshee . ” She whispered .

Grace shook her head and sat down, thanking the girl. Class resumed.

‘Hi am Rose. And that is Victoria. She is the queen around here. You don’t want to mess with her” the girl said, giving her, her hand to shake while pointing with her index finger towards Victoria.

“Thank you. Am Gra–” Grace began taking her hands in hers but gets caught off.

“Yes grace..lag transfer. I have good ears. Don’t worry, I will show you around and try to keep you from trouble”she smiled. Graced smiled back. Already warming up to the girl.


Victoria already knew she wasn’t going to like the new girl. she seemed Like a stubborn weed. She liked to prune stubborn weeds. She smiled dismissing the new girl as another thought seeped in.

“But where the hell was Anthony??”

She wondered . The only guy she craved for other than chocolates . The only guy who seemed to be oblivious of her charms.. and the only guy she wanted for herself …and no one dares to go for her and She knew it. They knew it. He doesn’t know it yet but she was working on that. She hoped the new girl did too.

She pretended to concentrate on Mr Bamidele ‘ s class but in reality she was fantasizing about the guy who was making all the girls swoon in school.. The only guy she had been crushing on for three straight years. Love was a strange thing. And if she knew what love was or meant…Or if love was a man. Then love was “Anthony.”

“if only he would listen ” she sighed.

To be continued.

Walk Of Shame Episode 2

Grace had Only been in school for a couple of weeks and she already got herself a nickname.. “spiro-girl”

Other than classes and after school reading, she spent most of her alone time writing and going to church. She turned down party invites and outings. She wasn’t a snob, she was simply reserved and quiet and school socials wasn’t her thing.

She even felt bad for turning down Rose, whom she had grown fond of and regarded as a friend. She was content in being called the spiro-girl if it meant everyone getting off her back.

Rose prided herself of being a mentor, a tour guide and a “guardian angel”to Grace, which Grace often laughed at it, But Rose never failed to try to explain to her who is who and the intricacies of how the system worked around there. Who to avoid and who is cool and who liked who.

“By the way, you have guys drooling all over you. Doesn’t it bother you??” Rose asked her over lunch. Licking the sweetness off her fingers as she chewed the flesh off the chicken bone.

“What do you mean drooling over me??” Grace asked taking a sip of her Fanta. They were in the cafeteria.

‘C’mon grace, you know what I mean. You know you are pretty and trying to hide that beautiful shape behind loose cloths you wear isn’t helping. Guys know these things. .. even girls sense it. In fact a couple of guys have asked me to talk to you for them….” Rose trails off, letting her fill in the blanks for herself.

“Well, I am not exactly pretty and I don’t wear these cloths to deceive. In fact I am quite comfortable in them. And please do tell them I am unavailable and very much uninterested. . ” Grace answers with a shrugged, very unperturbed about the gist.

“Okay. If you say so. With the rate you are going , you will end up being a nun from going to church this much, who spends all her days writing and no man to warm your bed. You are lucky I like you, else I probably would have joined in the taunts of “spiro-girl !!”. Rose nudges her gently

They both laughed.

Victoria drives pass with her two friends and radio on full blast, leaving dust in their wake.

“Whats her deal, either the girls wants to be like her , or all the guys are drooling over her..why would anyone bother about me?” Grace was curious.

“Well for starters..Victoria is a banshee..sort off. She screams and all the dudes want to fight themselves over her, literally. She got this sex appeal going on. In fact a few guys have told me in confidence how good she is in that area, now those were lucky. The others just do things for her in hope they get some but of course she plays them. ”

She wiped her mouth and hands with serviette , then continued…

“The girls are just stupid. They think she is living the life and crawl on their knees in hope she takes them under her wings , well she does but those two girls are her confidants…I call them “The vicky – devils”. Yes, everyone wants to be like her. well except me”.

Rose smirked, and added…

“And then the worst of it all is that even lecturers drool. Vicky is just a pretty face, diva body but no brains. well when it comes to books. But really smart. And did I mention devious?

“Got some lecturers eating out of her palms, or should I say…between her legs.And she gets everything she wants and how she wants and she is quite content. But like they say…Every queen has her achilles ‘s heel…”.

Rose finished knowingly, the look she gave was one of “I know a secret you don’t”!!. She threw a bait and waited for Grace to bite.

“What’s hers?”

Grace shifted closer . The Gist was getting interesting.

Rose smiled. Glad Grace took the bait. she lowered her voice into a conspiratory whisper. Covering one side of her mouth.

“As all other stories goes, a prince. !!!”

A mischievous glint in her eyes. She nodded when Grace did the “O” with her mouth.

“And who is this person? I didn’t think any man would refuse her. “. Grace was intrigued .

“One does actually. A beauty of a guy. Girls literally swoon when he is around. Most popular, the finest and to top it up a genius but also a lady’s man. But he runs the other way when Victoria comes yet Victoria wants him. He is like the only guy who refuses her advances yet all the more she wants him. Whether it’s love or infatuation, I Don’t know. And she would practically bite any girl who looks at him. A few have tasted her burnt, so no one dares to mention his name except her, else you would be in her black books” Rose offers a warning.

Grace laughs, vividly picturing a scene of Victoria chasing down a boy with her heart in her hands and he running for his dear life.

” I wonder who he is and if he is all that”. Grace stated.

“You haven’t seen him that’s why you say that. He is the student body president and also the dean’s son. He is a hunk. A bit arrogant. ..but a hunk nonetheless. “Anthony the handsome” he is called.”

Grace recollects the first day of school and what Victoria said to her .

“Now I see why she got all ” don’t touch my man’s seat” but he never shows up for classes. He can’t be that smart. He probably rides on the fact that he is the dean’s son so……” She trails off

Rose laughed, rolling her eyes…

“Well, he avoids class mostly because of Victoria . Then the fact that he is probably chasing a few skirts but one thing is certain…He is a genius. He sometimes holds tutorial classes after school and it’s usually packed. Mostly by girls though, and he never ever flunks his exams. He is already above five point on his GPA”

Grace whistles… ‘Wow”!!!

“Wow huh?? So go figure.” Rose nodded. She was glad Grace saw the main picture .

“But why doesn’t he like Victoria. ??”

It made no sense why a cute guy would run away from a beauty, though annoying, girl like Victoria. It was lost on Grace.

“I dunno. Maybe because she is too wild, too loose and the fact that every key opens her lock. Plus..He never dates girls from this school. A fling here and there but no constant one. He is a player and girls don’t mind it as long as he looks their way.”

Grace thought for a second and then asked her …”How come you know so much details about Victoria?. Am sure this isn’t just from sitting beside her in class every day”

A deep sigh, a hurt look crosses Rose ‘ s eyes briefly and it was gone.

“Let’s just say once upon a time, Vicky and I used to be best buds. Until she ate the forbidden fruit and then realized that I was too ugly and less classy to be her friend. She preferred to party and club than to read. I come from an impoverished home and I wasn’t one to forget where I was from. I needed to put my head down, finish school and make my poor mother proud who sells fish in the village to put me through school. I couldn’t follow a girl whose thought is all about the next big party and material cravings. So we parted ways and surely I have never been clear headed. ” Rose sips her drink. And checks her time..getting up.

“Oops!!! .Soc 102 should start in another minute. Let’s head to class. ” ..

Grace nods picking her bag. Jist time was over.

***Off Campus ****

Anthony picks up his phone on the second ring…He grimaced when he heard the voice on the other end.

“Baby? Where have you been. .are you avoiding me? I don’t see you in class anymore and you refuse picking my calls. I miss your face ‘”

“Victoria? ?” He asked. He took the phone off his ears for a minute and was tempted to cut it.

“Are you there ?? ” The voice asked

“I have just been busy with stuff. ” He lied

“But thanks for checking up on me. You really don’t have to do that. ”

He cuts in. He must have said that line a milion times. It’s been three years..doesn’t a girl ever give up.?

“Really Anthony?..tell me why you don’t like me..I do everything for you to notice how good I could be with you but you just dont see it why? I really do want you. Tell me what I can do for you to give me a chance. ??”

Anthony thought for a second. He could easily tell her that he doesn’t date loose girls or skanks. Especially the one most lecturers and student have gone through for the sake of giving her good grades. It was disgusting. He was a guy …but for a girl…it was a no-no plus he picked his girls .

He looked back at Amara sleeping on his bed. Her naked body excites him. He met her last week. She was pretty. She pleased him. But after that, he was hoping she leaves soon. He couldn’t possibly have anything serious with a loose girl and frankly speaking Victoria was queen of loose girls.

“Nothing. I don’t hate you. Look Victoria we have a test this afternoon and I have to head to class. ” He says hurriedly

He heard her gasp ……” a test?? Oh yes a test. That means you would come to class today right?”.

Could she be any dafter?

He sighs and cuts the call. She couldn’t be bothered about the test as he be bothered about them ever having a thing. But he needed to be in class. He could skip lectures, but test and exams he couldn’t do away it.

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He walks to the sleeping form and drops a note by her side and transport to take her back to UST.

He leaves .

*** Somewhere on East West Road****

“Why are we going back to school? We just left there. weren’t we going to skip the last class and head out to town and meet up those dudes” Sandra asked checking herself from the side mirror

“We have a test today!!” Victoria said as she made a U-turn back the way she came.

“Oh really!! So…has it ever bothered you before? After all Mr Bamidele is going to score you high. Whether you are there or not. But this fine dudes won’t wait for ever. ” Sandra offered. Bunmi preferred to listen than to chip in.

“Not when Anthony is going to be there . Those dudes can wait. .or we can always see them. .but Anthony has been like an epileptic light for weeks. Why would I want to pass meeting him up? We are going to write the test. End of discussion ”

Victoria faced the road and ended any more distractions.

The two girls looked at each other and smiled… No one can stop Victoria from seeing Anthony. .

They drove back in silence.

***Uniport premises . Class room***

Grace had excused herself to go pee.

Rose watched as queen Victoria and her vicky – devils entered the class room scanning the room and taking their seats.

She watched in admiration as Anthony walked in and almost laughed as the guys all wanted to shake him and the girls all wanted to throw themselves at him but one look from Victoria made them bite their lips and sit still.

She watched as Victoria flung herself at him and purrs “miss you baby” and how frantically he fought to disengage her from his Greek-god body And Victoria pretended not to care.

She hoped Grace would come back in time as the class calmed , before Mr Bamidele would begin sharing the test scripts. She didn’t want her to be late for her first test.

Victoria couldn’t keep her hands to herself and Anthony had a look of disgust on his face. But everything changed as soon as Grace walked back in, her hair in a bun, a pretty face all too visible and the air smelled of her perfume as she strolled right in ….passing him and sitting .

Rose was used to having men stare after Grace. She was pretty. But when she followed Anthony ‘ s eyes, she knew his was one of pure admiration and he was the only one who didnt turn away and his pen had slipped away from his fingers and he didn’t notice. But his eyes held on.

Rose quickly looks at Victoria. …then she knew.

As soon as she noticed Victoria ‘ s eyes had turned to red slits and her fist folded to show anger.

Rose ‘ s heart skipped……”Damn!!! Grace is in trouble”!!!!

To be continued. …

Walk Of Shame Episode 3

Mr Bamidele checked his time. .

‘Your time starts now!’

The classroom was quiet and every head was bent over their table, writing, except one. His head was bent, hand un-moving and he was still for a while.

‘Anthony? Dude it’s being fifteen minutes already and you haven’t written a thing. …are you okay?” The voice beside him asked . When it got no response he nudged him

“TF dude? ?? You know if you don’t write nothing, I don’t write nothing mehn. Anthony ?? ” the voice continued

‘Is there a problem Mr James ?’ Mr Bamidele asked from his chair .

‘Er no sir. Not at all. Was just asking for a spare pen. Gotten it sir ” James smiled and bent over his work, not without stepping on Anthony ‘s feet.

‘Ouch James. That hurts “…Anthony shifted his feet.

“Guy time dey go. Wetin do you?. I no read for the test. Start writing so I can dub”.. James queried, covering his mouth to stop Mr Bamidele from noticing

“You never read for anything. But hold on … gimme a minute .” Anthony said through closed lips .

Anthony shifted on his sit. How could he tell James that he has gotten completely blank.

Like blank. Nothing . Nada.!!!!!

He knew it. He knew the answers. When he wasn’t feeling the skin of a random beautiful girl and sinking into her warmth, he was buried head in his books. He didn’t have brains for nothing.

But for first time , nothing was coming. He was blank. All because of that girl that walked in . And all he could think about was her face and the whiff of her perfume that bathed the room.

He blinked once. Twice . Trying to clear his fogged mind. James impatient tapping wasn’t helping either. Victoria ‘ s stares boring into his back was making him uncomfortable and the fact that she kept sliding her feet up and down his left legs was disconcerting. He didn’t need a soothsayer to know that Victoria was only in class because he was in class and he could bet his balls she wasn’t writing jack either and neither were her sidekicks.

He stole a glance at the girl causing the commotion in his head. She was focused on her work. Biting her lower lip, eyes squinted. A lock of her hair dangled at the side of her face, he was tempted to reach out and tuck it behind her ear. He didn’t realize he was smiling at the way she was calm and focused and cute ,until he felt another pain on his already throbbing feet.

‘Ouch James. . What’s wrong with you mehn? ,”

“Anthony … time is almost over for the test. Your paper is blank . Mine too. And you are smiling and you are asking me what’s wrong with me? ?, wait lemme answer that …..” James thought for a second ….

” Everything. !!!!! ” He exclaimed under his breath.

Anthony sighed. James was his closest friend. He is a good guy and a good friend but he was dumb when it came to books, still he always would be the last man standing beside you when trouble hits and everyone else runs.

Anthony tore his eyes away from the girl. Shook her out of his head and faced his empty test sheet. He faintly heard Mr Bamidele call out ..

“Twenty minutes to go”…

“Well James, I hope you can write faster than your mouth or at least try to keep up ??”

“Dude, just write.” James got into a dubbing and writing position.

Anthony smiled and twisted his pen between his fingers and then touched it to his script and began scribbling. He didn’t stop until the timer went off.

****Meanwhile *****

“Victoria? Anthony keeps staring sideways.”… Sandra started eyeing the back of Anthony’s head.

‘ Yes!! He has been staring at the new girl since she walked in. “…. Bunmi concurred, she pinched her nose and wriggled it.

Victoria ‘s eyes darted to where Rose and Grace sat.

“I noticed . It’s making me really angry, but maybe he is probably just curious who the new face is that’s all”…she said, looking at Grace again and back to the head of Anthony.

‘If you say so”…Sandra wasn’t convinced. She exchange looks with bunmi who shrugged.

“But it’s always better to make sure that’s all that he is doing, just being “curious “, but if she as much as returns that curiosity…she would definitely have me to deal with. You both remember what I did to Cynthia Last year? ? “.

“Poor Cynthia. ” Sandra chuckled under her breath.

“Too bad she had to drop out of school. The humiliation was too much for her little poor mind to bear”..Bunmi added, as the memories flashed through her mind.

…Victoria Continued…”Yes!! well she had it coming. I wonder how hard it is it explain that Anthony is mine. Wheather he knows it or not. It’s only fair to warn them “politely ” first before the big shebang!!”

She smiled upon remembering Cynthia’s face and when she ran out of school crying over a big “slut” written over her picture and pasted all over school.

She takes her eyes off them, sighing. She dropped her pen. Her script was blank and theirs had little to nothing scribbled in it. She smiled . What was the point of reading when all she had to do was rub a certain head between her legs and her grades keeps being nothing short of A’s .

While Mr Bamidele collected each script and came to hers, she brushed her bosom to his hand slightly as he picked hers off her desk. He smiled . They exchanged knowing looks. Her sidekicks smiled too. She had also promised him to them. They were covered.

This were the little perks of being friends with the Queen V!!


After the test, Rose waited for grace to pick up her bag so they could leave as everyone filed out. Rose needed to get grace out of there.

“Let’s go to the love garden at PS block or we should head home?”

She scanned the area, thankful she didn’t see him around,she noticed he didn’t stop staring at Grace, she didn’t want grace to get into trouble . Especially when Victoria was probably lurking behind to get to Anthony.

“Er love garden. I want to write a bit before I head home ”

Rose wondered if she should tell Grace that Victoria had spotted Anthony staring at her and her looks wasn’t pretty.

Should she be scared for Grace?

But Victoria wouldn’t act on anything unless Grace goes after Anthony. . And grace isn’t after Anthony. She relaxed, She was being scared for nothing.

They walked in silence till they got to the garden and sat on its stone chair .

*** A few meters away from there***

“who is that girl?”

Anthony followed her with his eyes. He had left the classroom quickly to avoid Victoria ‘ s claws but he hid himself in order to watch her come out. He couldn’t stop staring.

James followed his eyes…”Who? Spiro-girl ?

“What’s that now??” Anthony ached an eyebrow

“Yes! spiro-girl. that’s what she is called. She is a beauty right? A transfer from Lagos, couple of weeks now. Eh…I think her name is Grace. She is a bit of an innocent. Quiet ,reserved and a no – party girl. Always typing in that laptop of hers. Rose is the only person you see her around with. ….” he pauses and the continues.

……And why are you asking? ?”

James eyed him.

Realization dawned on him. His father’s office, new girl, file !! .

“Damn!! Stupid me. So for over three weeks I have been missing this pretty face. I should go introduce myself. As the student body president,that is it” He checked himself out. He looked okay.

“Er don’t bother. She isn’t like other girls. Trust me a couple of us have tried. She is more interested in church and books. Plus you know Victoria would dig in her claws on any girl who fancies you. She wants you bad bro. She is a tiger ”

James laughed hitting Anthony on the back.

“Firstly bro, I don’t care about Victoria nor what she wants. You can have her. Secondly who says I want to chase her. I am just going to do my duty as student body president. But Who says there is anything wrong in wishing. Come along jammie boy.”

He puts on his cutest smile,expertly avoiding the girls who were throwing him sweet glances and coming to hug him. He headed to their direction with James lagging behind.


Rose sighted them coming towards them. She scanned the area, the queen and her she – devils were no where to be seen.

“Erm Grace, so you were wondering who the student body president was right? … “Well you can finally place a face to the name. He is 1 minute behind you”

Rose smiled a knowing smile, like a star showing her most prized trophy while Grace raised her head up the same time she gets up trying to pull her laptop out of her bag,

Then it happened .


Laptop and test books WHAMM on the ground

“Shit” was all that she muttered as she bent to pick up her things…”Oh sorry my goodness!!” she exclaimed, mum said not to swear. she bites her lower lip.

In less than a minute, a figure bents, joining and helping her pick her scattered books.

‘Aren’t you the clumsy one?”

He chuckled under his breath.

” Thank you so much….er am sorry what??”

Grace said not staring at the figure, gathering the books in her arms.they both reached for the laptop thesame time; fingers touching, energy sparked ,they withdraw their hands immediately. Eyes meeting, eyes lingering for a brief few seconds. Grace drops her eyes and grabs her laptop and staggers up, wavering a bit ..her legs felt cramped.

“Woah! !! Let me help you with that” he steadies her and takes her books away from her and places it on the stoned table in the love garden.

Grace felt uneasy. She bent to pick up her pen that slipped, “Am sorry—

Anthony made to straighten up, he felt quite the gentleman,

‘Thank yo–”

“You wel—”




His head was throbbing but he pitied hers, and with a reflex action he grabs her with one hand holding her waist pulling her close, the other hand he placed flat on her forehead and kept rubbing it in to stop her forehead from swelling and throbbing the same time. The way she squeezed her eyes shut from the pain and held on to his hands made him smile, forgetting his pains already .

“clumsy girl” he muttered .

**** Somewhere close by ****

Sandra taps Bunmi and pointed, her eyes grew larger than its sockets. Bunmi turns drinking a coke, chocked on it spilling some on her dress as her eyes rested on the scene unfolding.

Victoria walked out of the cafeteria, speaking on the phone, she stops in front of them, a puzzled expression on her face …

‘What’s the matter with both of you???”

Sandra and Bunmi exchanges looks then points .Victoria follows the direction of their fingers ,when her eyes rested on them, her expression grew from one of shock , to disbelieve ,to anger and then to something dark.

From the distance it looked as though Grace and Anthony were enjoying a lover’s embrace and breaths away from kissing.

She began moving towards them, her sidekicks followed behind. it felt as though the students stood still ,waiting to see what would happen, they pathed the way as she passed,holding their breaths,anticipating the showdown that is inevitable when it came to Victoria and her most priced possession ‘Anthony the handsome “. Their silent wHispering weren’t lost on Victoria..

“isn’t that Anthony and Grace?”

“Why is he holding on to her??”

“Grace ‘ s eyes are closed”

“Oh my God!! Is he about to kiss her!!”

“Isn’t that the new girl ..how come she and Anthony are already chitchat ting. ?”

“Victoria is coming. ..

“Victoria is coming..

“look, look..Victoria is about to ruin that perfect moment.

“ohhh my word!!!”

The side talks bounced off Victoria’s shoulders like a ball. The granite that had become her face made her look even more scary.

It was the same thought playing over everyone’s mind as Victoria stormed passed them..eyes following her…while her two minimes tagged behind…

Everyone knew..without saying….”the new girl can’t be saved!!”.


Rose saw her coming, only too late . James couldn’t stop her, he was inches too far from her . Anthony didnt see her, he was looking at Grace and wondering how such a pretty girl be clumsy . And Grace was oblivious of the events unfolding , her eyes were closed and her head was throbbing.

But everything changed as soon as she felt someone forcefully turn her. It happened faster than a blink of an eye.

“Hi am Victoria ”

*WHAMM!!! *

Grace’s face burned, hot tears stung her eyes and she saw stars ..her vision blurred, she staggered slightly, her hands went to her face. Her ears began to ring bells, And the exclamation of the tiny crowd didn’t help matters either.

‘And that’s my man” Victoria emphasized.

Grace saw the hands coming again, but she was pulled away into waiting arms as the hand was caught in midair by another hand , cutting the slap.

‘Don’t you dare it again Victoria. Don’t you dare!!!! “…Anthony threatened through clenched teeth, his veins popped out. He tightened his hold on her hand until he saw her wince in pain,he let’s her go and nudges her out of the way,pulling Grace away with him. He was trained never to hit a woman. His blood boiled. But today he wished he could break a few rules.

Rose burned with anger. She made for Victoria but James pulled her away just in time and gathers Grace ‘ s things and heads out after Anthony .

Sandra and Bunmi gasped ..

‘How dare he defend that …that bitch,?”

‘How dare he walk away with her? ”

They both interjected.

Victoria watched them leave, her fist clenched. Her expression unreadable.

‘No! How dare her !”

“Hasn’t anyone told lil Gracey about me yet? ?…She laughed

“I think I need to re – introduce myself . And brief her on why nobody goes close to Anthony except me; because he is mine. Whoever does gets burnt,newbies aren’t exempted ,especially after this “.

“Oh Anthony ,things I could do for you!!…She stares until they disappeared behind the Ps block. she turned and walked the other way. oblivious of the stares and points and expression of people. She really didn’t care. She had thoughts running in her mind. Bad thoughts..very painful for whom it may concern.

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“What should we do to lil Gracey??”….She spoke more to herself than to the girls . . They chirped in suggestions but Victoria wasn’t listening …

She kept walking, while her sidekicks hooped behind her.

“I knew I wasn’t going to like you from the very start Grace, now I have every reason to deal with you and enjoy it.”. A smile danced at the corner of her mouth.

“You have no idea what am capable of Gracey. You have no idea”.

Sandra and Bunmi exchanged looks. They knew how the story would end.

A poor girl gets badly hurt and Victoria becomes happy. Victoria always has to be happy. She is queen after all.

They followed her quietly. Things were going to get hotter in school .

To be continued

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