Walk Of Shame Episode 4

Walk Of Shame Episode 4

The cold ice to her face caused her to jerk up and exclaim ..,

“Owww!!” She hits his hands away,

“Ssshh sit still and relax. It’s to bring down the swelling. And the redness. ” he cautioned . He marveled at the sensitivity of her skin. And at the softness. Grace stilled. But her mouth didnt .

“” she thinned her lips, shutting her eyes as water dripped from the ice, crawling down her face

“Am sorry. ” was all that he could say.

He hasn’t for the life of him ever wanted to hit a girl so bad. How dare Victoria.

“It’s fine. Am good I can take it from here. I don’t want your girlfriend coming back to me a second time to hit me. I don’t want any trouble ”

He stiffened. “Victoria isn’t my girlfriend. And am really sorry. And it won’t happen again. I promise ”He reassured her.

Grace was silent. Then she nodded, but she knew without saying it that Anthony was trouble and what Rose said was true….”Victoria was the devil” she had to make sure she stays clear of both of them. She came here to study not to be a punching bag for a girl who is hung over a boy who is apparently uninterested in her. But that wasn’t her business.

“Whatever!!” She finally said.

Anthony felt guilty. He didn’t know what else to say. He wanted to make her feel better at least so he said the first thing that came to his mind.

“Let me make it up to you at least. I feel bad. ” He pleaded. He should just get up now and leave. But he didn’t want their first meeting to end on a bad memory. She intrigued him.

Grace shook her head..”Hell No!!”

He must be mad to think she would hang around with him after this.. she eyed him like he was a strange creature. Another slap isn’t what she desired in the near future. Was everyone mad in Uniport? ? She wondered.

“Hey!! Grace relax. I just want to buy you a drink!”

“I don’t drink” she cuts in

“Er well. Okay. How about water ?”

What the hell was that Anthony ?? He thought to himself, his subconscious self was shaking his head in embarrassment .He tried again. ..

“Or..or we could just have suya or something. Please ….???” He had to try. There was something about her. They couldn’t stop talking just because a random girl he detests was jealous. He needs to take care of Victoria and her jealous feats. She needed to stay away from him, and Grace. Especially Grace.

Grace thought about it for a second.

First off, she didn’t know the guy or even like him nor intend dating him. Yet she got a slap. Well since she has already being punished for what she didn’t do or know or feel. She might as well do the crime …well at least take him up on that water-drink offer. At least he seemed to feel bad enough for the incident. She sighed.

“Fine. But can I go now? ? Rose is spitting fire and it looks as though your friend is having a hard time calming her down ” Grace looked over Anthony’s shoulders.

Rose was shouting at the top of her voice, pacing up and down and putting up her fists and shaking it in the air.

Anthony turned halfway..and smiled. “Yes you should go tell your friend you are fine and I will go erm…save James from bearing the burnt of Rose ‘ s anger” he gets up, giving her his hands to pull her up from the bench they were sitting on.

“And I will see you tomorrow evening for that water drink” he stated. Grace didnt answer but nodded. She wasnt giving him a number and glad he didn’t ask. Probably it was for the best. She walked towards the duo and Anthony behind her, lost in thoughts.

The school would be buzzing with the incident . He didnt like it. He didnt like it at all.

***a few buildings away****

“So would you do it for me ??” Victoria whispered into his ears as she leaned into him. Mr Bamidele was groaning from the warm sensation over his hardness.

He liked her hands, but her mouth was way better..and her other mouth was heaven.

“Yes my sweet. Anything. Just stop torturing me ..come here. ..let me taste you” he reached for her but she slapped his hand away, staying him down with her hand and worked her hands around him. She watched him groan some more.

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