Walk Of Shame Episode 6

Walk Of Shame Episode 6

………**** A week later***…..

“Am sorry about the inconvenience Rose, once I secure another accommodation I would leave” Grace sank into the chair. Biting her lip. Her forehead wasn’t swollen and the redness to her chicks had faded. It had been a long day.

“Don’t be silly. It’s fine. Besides I don’t mind a room mate. We can gossip and stay up all night watching movies and talking about boys and whatnot ” Rose answered, collapsing on her bed. But the joke was lost on Grace who had not been in the mood since the incident.

“In-fact if you feel so bad, we can split the bill . So you don’t have to keep looking for another space. Mine is big enough for two. Forget about the agents. The houses we have seen are either too expensive or too small. So why not stay here with me?.Ask for a refund from the landlord. That’s it. It’s no big deal. In-fact I insist. Case closed ”

Grace thought about it.

“But Victoria might turn on you for helping me. What if she comes to trush yours too.?”

“Well ever since we stopped being friends, I moved away from our former house. I really don’t have friends and I never invite them over. I love this place because it’s hidden and only a few students stay here. She doesn’t know where I stay and no one does. So how would she find you.?”

“But she found me!!” Grace stated.

Rose shook her head. Knowing it was a possibility she wasn’t safe either being close to Grace. But she couldn’t sit back and not help Grace, especially now.

“Don’t worry about it. You are staying . Period! !!”

Grace sighed.

Rose looked at her and said “We are going back to class tomorrow, you can’t hide from everyone just because of a nasty rumor of you that isn’t true. Plus you can’t just miss classes and all. It’s been a week you need to forget about this and get back on track”. At least it was a rumor about her hygiene, she had not being paraded as a slut like the last girl rose thought to herself.

“Its easy for you to say. It isn’t your room that they pasted on that stupid campus blog with your name and face with worms all over the place looking as if it was breeding there and the room was a mess. Grace retorted

“Still, you came here to finish your education. Are you gonna keep hiding away?.”

“No. Of course not. I just—” Grace trails off.

“You just what Grace??” Rose interjected slighted annoyed

Grace sighed. It was because of Anthony she was in this mess. Bearing the brunt of a mad girl who felt she was after her man. What a joke and then she said ” Its all Anthony’s fault, I don’t even want him to come near me. Not even his shadow. He has brought nothing but this ..this. …” She sighed. Spreading her hands and dropping it.

“How can one suffer for what she has no idea or plan for. It’s annoying. ” She shook her head. Rose kept quiet watching her, a side smile on her face.

“What??” Grace asked her, folding her hands.

“Nothing !!” Rose replied . “Nothing at all”. But she didn’t stop smiling a knowing smile.


Anthony looked worried, he had finally gotten her address and gone to check on her, her room was empty. He had gone the next day and the next day and the next. It had been a week and no sign of her or her friend Rose.

“Do you think she has left school. Like gone back to Lagos??” He spoke to James back. Who was trying to lock his door.

“Well it’s possible. No one has seen her or Rose but I doubt, She probably just moved and besides , she got slapped and someone trashed her room and filled it with disgusting worms. It’s okay to be shaken and want to be left alone and you know it’s because of that crazy bitch likes you. ”

Anthony closes his eyes and ran his hands over his face., swearing.

“Don’t I know it and the stupid girl denied it when I asked her again yesterday. ”

James ached an eyebrow as he turned. .

“You went to see her..??”..

“Am I high??! She ran into me while I headed to the supermarket. I believe she was following me. Trying to know where I live. You remember what happened the last time when she found my house right?, She was trotting around naked in my room . I was just disgusted than even turned on. She kept showing up unannounced . I had to move” He shuddered from the thought.

James shakes his head…” Women”!

“But am really worried about Grace. I feel like I want to protect her. I just hope I can get her number or find out where she is. Just make sure she is fine. And I won’t bug her . At least that’s the only way Victoria can stay clear of her. She got the weirdest idea as though Grace is after me and I after her. That’s ridiculous. I just met the girl and I haven’t had time to even know her before she disappeared into thin air. How can I possibly be interested in her ??”

James eyes him, not saying a word. They had walked to the front of the building and entered Anthony’s car.

“Hmmmm”! James muttered. He knew that tone well. Denial!

“What does ‘hummmm’ mean James? ?”

“No I just accepted the fact that you said no one is interested in the other ” James raises up his hands to indicate innocence .

“Well because no one is. She isn’t and I obviously aren’t as well. The only thing I know about her is very much her name and helping her nurse her cheeks. That’s it. ”

James nods again. “Hmmm. I hear you .” One look from Anthony made him burst out in laughter.

He knew it without saying. .. for as long as he knew Anthony..He has never seen him care much about a girl’s feelings. He was handsome and always had girls throw themselves at him, he broke a few hearts and more girls still long for him. But he never cared. He was a genius and a player . A cassonova if you may. But Anthony never cared . Until now. It was pretty obvious. Anthony liked Grace. Period.!!

“Dude just drive”….James chided.

Anthony put the car on drive and pulled away from the gate, not without sticking James a third finger with a sly smile on his face. It still didn’t stop James from laughing even harder.

….***Social sciences block**….

It was a long class, but Anthony couldn’t concentrate.

Grace was here. A few sits behind him and all he wanted to do was walk to her and find out how she was doing. He hated the fact that it was because of him her short stay in school was a painful one and probably still counting.

When he had given up hopes of seeing her today…when the class was almost filled and the lecturer was a minute behind . Grace had strolled in and all eyes turned to her and murmurs began. He saw her tense. He heard Victoria and her minions laugh. He wished he could gag their mouth.. but James beat him to it by standing up to calm the crowd just before the lecturer walked in. He hated it. He hated all of it .

Class was rounding up. He needed to catch up with her before she leaves .

“Dude don’t think of doing what you are thinking of doing ??”

“What am I thinking of doing ??” Anthony asked. James had suddenly become that little subconscious voice in his head, breaking him out of his thoughts.

“You know what am talking about. Victoria is in class. It doesn’t matter if you hate her guts but you should think of Grace. So Victoria doesn’t cause her any more problems. You can catch her up later…or something!”

Anthony shook his head. ” I won’t let Victoria touch her. And she won’t when am there. Not when am there. ” he rubbed his jaw.

James shook his head. Knowing Anthony can be stubborn when he set his mind to it.

And just on cue, the class ended, Grace and Rose were one of the first persons to grab their things and head to the door, Anthony went after them only for bunmi and Sandra to step in front of him as the class thinned out leaving only them.

“What is this ?? ”

“Victoria tell your little devils to step out of my way… I may be a gentleman but that doesn’t mean I can’t put them in their place. ” he spoke over his shoulders.

James turns at the door noticing Anthony wasn’t behind him. ..

“Seriously!!” He exclaimed when he realised why. He edged at the door and watched. Hoping Anthony would get out of her claws unscarred.

They didn’t move. Instead Victoria came behind him, wrapping her hands around him and placed her head on his back, breathing his cologne. He stiffened.

“I just want to talk to you Anthony . ” She nuzzled the back of his neck on tiptoe