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See Top Best Exercises For The Glutes – Women Only

Top Best Exercises For The Glutes – Women Only

Are you prepared for the top 3 exercises for the glutes? Once you begin toning your butt with these proven movements you will be just a few weeks away from the perfect bottom. As with any exercise, you must be willing and mentally prepared to go the distance, if you can handle it then please keep reading.

1.Squats are an incredible way to put your butt toning into hyper drive. Squats target the butt by placing focus on the hamstrings and gluteus maximus. Replacing fat tissue is never easy, with this movement you increase your chances by replacing stubborn fat cells with lean muscles

2.Leg press is another exercise you need to implement for a tightly toned tush. This targets the butt perfectly, but you must make sure you are using proper technique or you could sprain your lower back.This post was created by a member of BuzzFeed Community, where anyone can post awesome lists and creations. via hiationbase.com

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