Shocking moment Georgia police officer shoots unarmed teenager EIGHT times is released

Shocking moment Georgia police officer shoots unarmed teenager EIGHT times is released

Tahirahana Williams, the mother of the victim, spoke out about the incident which she saw Cobb County Police Officer, James Caleb Elliot, shoot at her unarmed teenager eight times

The shooting, which took place November 6 2016, ended with the suspect surviving a wound to the leg.

Almost a year later his mother, Tahirahana Williams, has spoken out.

She said: ‘You just don’t expect it to be you, but my thing is, it could be. People need to know that this happened in my neighborhood.’

The incident in 2016 began when Elliot received a suspicious carjacker call and he managed to track down the car in question.

Once he got at the scene there were about four young people in the supposed carjacked vehicle.

Tanya Miller, who is the lawyer for the teen’s family, admitted the 16-year-old shouldn’t have been in the car but that he had nothing to do with the reported carjacking that occurred three days prior.

Miller also revealed that he shouldn’t have run from the officer but he merely did that because he was scared when Elliot approached the vehicle with a gun.

She said: ‘He shot his service weapon eight times toward the back of an unarmed teenager. Blitz were flying through this neighborhood.’

After the teenager ran away, Elliot proceeded to run after him firing his gun – which he says was merely a warning shot.

He fired the gun seven more times after that in the quaint Cobb neighborhood, eventually he managed to shoot the suspect in the back of the leg.

Cobb County Police Chief Michael Register, who was not chief when officer Elliot shot the teen, was quick to condemn the actions of his former colleague.

‘We certainly don’t want our officers to further endanger the public,’ he said.

‘Using hindsight, that was not a decision I would have made,’ the Chief of Cobb County Police concluded. However, Lance LoRusso, Elliot’s lawyer, fired back with: ‘Law enforcement don’t get to choose where confrontations occur therefore they don’t get to choose where they use deadly force.’

‘He acted lawfully, and a grand jury agreed,’ Elliot’s attorney said in a statement.

‘He acted heroically and employed a tremendous amount of training to render first aid immediately on the scene,’ LoRusso added.

Ultimately, District Attorney Vic Reynolds concluded that Elliot’s action were legally justifiable because the officer believed he was chasing a carjacker – a violent felon -even if that wasn’t to be the case.

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