Some Naija Dishes You Can Cook Without Tomatoes!!

Some Naija Dishes You Can Cook Without Using Tomatoes!!


This is the Queen of Yoruba’s stew that doesn’t require tomatoes and it is one of the most delicious meal you will ever experience. Yes that’s right, and it’s an experience. It goes very well with local ofada rice but the party doesn’t have to end there, Try it on coconut rice and beans also, and you will momentarily forget your surename.

Okro Soup

This might be a completely bias opinion but I think Okra is one of the most versatile ingredients in the Nigerian kitchen. There is so much that can be done with it. The famous mixed okra soup aka Ila-asepo doesn’t need tomatoes to make it shine. Ground dried pepper is all you need to make it shine

Vegetable Soup

This soup does not matter if it is Yoruba Efo riro or Afang soup,  it does not require tomatoes to prepare this soup,  and it serves for dual purposes,  either for swallow or for rice.

Chicken Suya Sauce

this recipe was created by me few years back and it’s forever on the most prepared list even in my home.  You can make it stirfry or make it little saucy.  Just apply small bell pepper(tatashe) as tomatoes and its ok for your rice.

Chicken Suya Sauce

This is the ultimate reason why you might just be able to say byebye to tomatoes forever. This curry is addictively delicious and goes perfectly with rice. You can choose to make it with fish,  chicken or prawns.

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