How to wash bitter leaf before use.


  • First of all get the bitter leaf, spread it under the sun for about 10-20 minutes, put it in a medium or big bowl depending on the size of the bitter leaf.                   1. Add enough water and start to squeeze it gently as if you are washing cloth.2. Add very small (two drops of oil) to the bitter leaf if it is too foamy in other to reduce the foam.
  • 3. Check the concentration of the water, if it is too dark remove the bitter leaf from water and pour out the water and put fresh and clean water to it and continue squeezing (washing).
    4. You can repeat the steps in 1-3 for about four (4) times, then don’t forget to use your sieve for proper collection of the small particles of the bitter leaf before pouring away the water for each step.
    5. Now guess what? Your bitter leaf is ready to use for a delicious cocoyam soup or egusi soup as th case may be, the bitterness is very low and just like normal garden egg leaf.
    Thanks for reading, I hope this will help many people who don’t know how to wash bitter leaf.


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