How to rewind and couple a primary and secondary coil of a transformer.

How to rewind and couple a primary coil of a transformer.

Hello guys, am here to teach you how a primary coil of a transformer is being rewind and couple.

First of all I will start step down transformer and other transformers with their different ranges..

Step down transformer is a type transformer used by the public.                 Transformer is of different types and different KVA Ranging from 50,100, 200,500, 750, 1000 KVA, 2.5MVA, 7.5 etc.Like many people has no knowledge of what is inside a transformer, some say mercury, others diamond, but it only contain a copper wire that make a coil and the transformer oil, the electric transformer has three phase ABC i.e. red yellow blue phase, the rewinding has primary and secondary, the primary winding has a thicker copper conductor or a copper pan. While the secondary has a small designed copper to compare of that of primary i.e. the primary copper is thicker than the secondary. The secondary has numbers of layers and turns depending on the capacity of the transformer and KVA, in Nigeria we make use of two different electrical line, (33/415) i.e. 33000V by 415, and 11 by 415 i.e. 11000 by 415.

If it is 33000Vby 415 transformers i.e. the type of transformer that work where there is 33000 lines, the transformer will now step it down to 415V that goes to the primary side. Another name for primary side of the transformer is called low voltage/tension and it is the side that supplies light to the consumer if connected with the neutral, it will go down to 220/250V.


The picture below shows the process how transformers is being rewind or re-coil.



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